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1.8T Squealing on Take off

bigtommy May 21, 2012

  1. bigtommy

    bigtommy Member

    My 1.8T is just coming up to 18k. It started squealing now and again on take off about 3k ago, it has got more pronounced recently. Just before it was out of warranty audi had a listen and couldn't work out what it was, said if it was clutch then not covered by warranty as wear and tear - usual **** basically.

    The clutch is definitely not slipping so I don't think it is a worn clutch. Could it just be a dodgy clutch release bearing or any ideas what else may be?

    I am debating whether to take it back to Audi but don't really want to pay their extortionate hourly rates to look at it and then tell me its something expensive but on the other hand the technician did say the noise was noted on their system for future reference.


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