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1.8T Sport service ??

jiffi77 Apr 22, 2005

  1. jiffi77

    jiffi77 Member

    My X reg, face-lift 1.8T has had a mixture of extended & conventional servicing, I've owned the car for about 13 months & the car was serviced about 14 months ago, the service book says see dashboard for next service, and the dash says 3000 miles still. The last service was a conventional service so I guess they didn't use the long-life oil, is it OK to wait another 3000 miles or should I get the car serviced ASAP as the oil has been in the engine for a long time ????
    PS. The car has only covered about 6000 miles since it was serviced.
  2. dickys3

    dickys3 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    If you are not sticking to AVS servicing then you should revert back to 10K miles or 1 yr which ever comes first...

    I would get it done.
  3. hopper

    hopper Member

    you could always just change the oil and filter (only about £20) and then service it later on,

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