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1.8T Sport Boost/vacuum with forge split-r

alex-qts Apr 11, 2009

  1. alex-qts

    alex-qts Member

    hi guys, did search for this but couldnt seem to find any help...

    fitted one of those forge split-r valves the other week, seems to have cause me more problems than i had before - car doesnt feel the same but seems to boost around the same 9-10psi, it doest feel as fast though and gear changes dont feel smooth at all!

    apon looking at my boost gauge the vacuum seems to have gone from 15hg (stock valve) to 25+ hg with the BOV installed.

    could anyone maybe help as to why this happens? i have been messing around with the clicks and tried alot of diffrent settings - all with diffrent nock-on effects lol.

    does anyone have this valve on a 180ps standard engine, or know the rough amount of clicks, i currently have it set to 15 clicks clockwise (roughly)

    but mainly concerned about the increase ib vacuum tho...

    thanks peeps!
  2. aragorn

    aragorn "Stick a V8 in it!" Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    it may be that your old valve was leaking, hence the lower vacuum, or that your new valve is set incorrectly

    IMHO you want a proper recirculating dump valve. Either a nice cheap 710N from VAG for £25 or if your feeling flush one of the aftermarket units from Forge/Bailey/Hyperwotsit etc.

    The only thing you gain from your "Splitter-R" is sounding like a barry, and the engine and management system does not like ANY dump valve which dumps metered air into the atmosphere, be it a splitter or full dump. All this splitter does is tries to find a point where the engine sees enough of the air to not show any bad symptoms, and still give your barry-noise, unfortunately the point at which the engine sees enough air is the point at which all the air is recirculated.
  3. alex-qts

    alex-qts Member

    thanks m8, spoke to foge and they told me the correct number of clicks anyway, very helpful actually. but i think im going to change to fully recirc now, dump is driving me mad!!!

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