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1.8t running problems

M4KTT May 27, 2009

  1. M4KTT

    M4KTT Member

    My 69k 2002 1.8t 163(mapped) is experiencing running problems.they are not severe but are now doing my head in!
    symtoms are, on idle there appears to be a glitch/cough every so often... you can feel it through the car...
    it doesnt start very cleanly either...(usually starts on 2/3 and then a second or so later all 4 are in)
    ...it runs fine once in every 10 15 outings...but when pulling away from lights, it feels like a massive lag before 2.5k, then it boosts and pulls ok..possibly over boosting??not sure...
    ..the power curve under load doesnt feel consistent...I'm tempted to rolling road it at awesome gti and see what they think....
    its recently had coilpack issues and has had about 4 new coil packs from my local motorfactors.. 6 months ago it also had a throttle housing issue which threw the epc light on. this was fixed by cleaning the throttle housing out.
    I also appear to have a rocker gasket lead that is seeping oil into the plug valleys..
    I find myself naturally slipping the clutch to pull away smoothly...

    The car also appears to get very hot..is this typical of the 1.8t in the a4?
    typically on my 4mile commute I average about 18-20mpg..a 15mile run will get that upto 24-25. motorway run in 30. If i'm late on the way to work its as low as 12mpg....

    Help me out please guys...I'm at a loss at where to start? Would purchasing a vag com help me significantly? or should I just give it to the guys at awesome gti and see what they find...
    Is there anyone in the liverpool/northwest area I could meet up with who has vag-com/ similar mapped car and could give me their verdict on how it drives?

    I really need to get to the bottom of this/these fault(s) otherwise its getting chopped in for an R32
  2. s-line stu

    s-line stu Member

    Sorry to hear about your problems, the mpg figures you quoted sound very low, obviously due to whatever the problem is, as my 190 (mapped) will average 30-35 on a 15 mile run and yours should be at least as good if not better.

    The actual turbo's do get physically hot but not the overall temp of the engine as shown on the gauge if that's what your refering to - my gauge always stays in the middle when it's up to temperature.

    Sorry I can't offer any further advice, I'm sure some of the guys on the forum will have some ideas of what it could be, hope you get it sorted.
  3. S3APY

    S3APY Member

    Chopp it in for an R32
  4. jamo79

    jamo79 New Member

    Hi there,

    I am based in liverpool/Wigan with a similar mapped A4 might be able to help.

  5. M4KTT

    M4KTT Member

    All sorted guys. car runs fine now. had the MAF sensor replaced and the oil switch in the sump. changed the oil and filter whilst it was out too..

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