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1.8T recon engine issues

Acidic32 Feb 24, 2010

  1. Acidic32

    Acidic32 A4 Cabriolet 1.8T Owner VCDS Map User

    Car needed recon engine. Contacted a company in Essex who supplys and Fits recon engines. They quoted me £1500 for a recon engine fitted, and £500 if a new turbo is required also.

    So in October 2009, i paid for the Recon engine, and i had the car back on the 5 of november, everything was fine untill i got stuck in traffic on the 16th of november.

    The car over heated which failed the head gasket, i paid to get the car recovered to them 3 days later on the 19th and they said the car will be done before christmas.

    5th of January 2010 i got the car back from having the head gasket done, with a new radiator which cost me £150 drove car back home (2 1/2 hours) was fine, next morning went to work, no heaters in car!!! So i drove back down there, and they said, oh needs a new thermostat, £65 they charged me for the thermostat. Started driving car back, bang, lost all the water! Got the AA to relay the car back to them as bottom host had come off and damaged metal clip.

    2 weeks later, i get the car back, they said the thermostat was dodgy! Great, drove back home.

    3 days later, no heaters again, and the top hose splits due to pressure build up!

    Went to my local Audi dealers in peterborough, they said Combustion gases in water system! Advise head removal

    So i phone up the company who did the recon engine, they said i have to PAY to get the car back to them so they can look at it. I refused. Now they are saying they will not pay to get the car back to them!

    So where do i stand regarding legal matters?

    I am more than willing to pay Audi or a local garage to do the work and take them to small claims court but not sure on my legal standing regarding this!

    Thing is will they keep the car over a month again to do the head gasket and will it be right?

    Any suggestions or help would be appreciated!

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