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1.8t Quattro vs 2.0t Quattro

Mazi Oct 27, 2013

  1. Mazi

    Mazi Member

    Thoughts please.
    Which is best and pros and cons of each
  2. Big Al

    Big Al Active Member

    Hi Mazi

    It's been discussed before, a quick search found this thread -


    My own opinion is that the 1.8T has more character (nicer engine & turbo sounds), but is limited with tuning options (K03 on this difficult to swap out), whereas the 2.0TFSI has more of a diesel sound (due to noisy high pressure direct FSI injectors), but turbo options are better for tuning (S3 8P K04 is starting to become popular), plus other S3 internals fit for a proper built engine. I think the TFSI gearbox is better too? I chose the TFSI, had to fix many issues with mine (see build thread link in signature). Wish I could have afforded a DTM special edition version at the time - this is the one to buy!

    I see though, that straight after posting this thread, that you've gone and bought a 1.8T. Well, hope that works out for you!

  3. Mazi

    Mazi Member

    Thanks for the reply
    I had already bought it prior to posting but just wanted to know the differences.
    I bought it on a whim as I need a bigger car as we have a new baby and I figured it would be good for winter.
    I wont be keeping it very long as my M5 is hibernating and will come out in March unless we hit it off bigtime.
    Mine is a 2006 A4 1.8t quattro s line, not sure about engine code.
    I would have thought the 1.8t would have had more tuning options as its been around for longer and is quite a
    beast in 225bhp BAM form as found in Cupra R and TT.
    Also I think 1.8t is quite rare in the B7 chassis perhaps as it was superseded by the 2.0t FSI.
    Also the 1.8t is a 20v and the 2.0t is 16v?

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