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1.8T ESP and EPC lights have come on

M4KTT Dec 19, 2008

  1. M4KTT

    M4KTT Member

    I was heading home on the m62 this afternoon and pulled over to change the address in the sat nav. as I pulled off again the esp light came on and then the epc light. the car then felt retarded and was low on power. I put up with it until i could stop again. i switched the car off. locked then unlocked and started her up. only the ESP light came on and after 20 yards went off. then as I pulled onto the m62 again and put my foot down they both came on. complete with the engine managment. car drove as it did the first time.

    I got the car home and switched it off and on again and only the engine management light remains on I havent moved the car yet.

    This has got to be a sensor surely.. any clues as to what sensors affect the esp light?
    Im going to try and get a diagnostic done tomorrow.
  2. M4KTT

    M4KTT Member

    been out for a drive then and i can sort of link it with the accelerator pedal. once its over half way down or so it brings the light on.

    possibly the throttle body?
  3. Broken Byzan

    Broken Byzan Photographic Moderator Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User quattro Audi A4

    Faulty MAF is my guess
  4. chris_20

    chris_20 Member

    hello fella, hows it going, good to see u still knocking round man!!! kinda sounds similar to a problem i had a year back or so, im no mechanic so i may be completely wrong and u may have a completely different problem but Basiclaly what happened to me was the EPC/ABS/ESP lights all came on when i got over 20mph, it turned out to be a faulty brake light sensor which was fixed at the price of around £5. maybe worth a try??
  5. docurley

    docurley Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    I have noticed mine doing this at much higher speed around town it's fine but if I hit the motorway bam ABS & ESP come on.

    Just looked up on the Zine to see what the US guys think and it does seem to point to the brake switch being the issue, will have to order one up.
  6. G4JSG

    G4JSG Gotcha!!! VCDS Map User

    Mine did this on Saturday. It started off a normal journey, then I stalled it at some lights, being frustrated I started it up and floored it at the same time. After that the 2 lights kept comeing on and I lost all power, if you turned it off and back on it worked fine until you tried overtaking or flooring it, you then get both lights on and no power.

    I plugged in vag-com when I got home and it showed lots of faults, overboost, throttle position....which gave me an idea. I cleared all faults down and went for a drive....everything is fine now.

    I wonder if by starting the car and flooring it at the same time somehow confused the car inot not understanding the correct throttle reading????

    So if you can get near vag-com, get the faults read and then cleared and see if the problem goes away.

  7. evilscotsman

    evilscotsman Space Cowboy

    yeah you mustnt touch the throttle on a dbw motor when starting it or the ecu gets annoyed and throws a fit.

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