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1.8T Auto. Beyond the AMD bit

Blueone Aug 6, 2007

  1. Blueone

    Blueone New Member

    I have an 1999 A6 Avant that is now AMD to the tune of 190 bhp.
    What are the next steps, if there are any, to get more power from it.
    I don't want to spend a fortune and everything else is standard.
    It has now covered 70k miles from new, so reasonably young in mileage.
  2. dappadan786

    dappadan786 Member

    most people at this stage add a sports exhaust. wont give HUGE gains but can be noticable on acceleration. typcially give extra 5bhp.

    for big power gains you can go down the 'Big Turbo route. up to 300-350bhp depending how far you go.

    or go for a K04 upgrade 250-280bhp.

    theres plenty of info on bout options have a quick read.

    my cars going into the garage soon for a K04 conversion.

    hope that helps you abit.

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