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1.8t APP 3rd gear hesitation

Jason.s Oct 10, 2011

  1. Jason.s

    Jason.s Active Member

    Ok so its not an A3 but seeing as the VW and other group cars section is fairly dead and knowing the amount of knowledgable people in this section where i spend the majority of my browsing i thought i`d post in here.

    Basically my gf has a Leon 1.8t with an APP engine. Third gear at around 4000-4500rpm it has a slight hesitation when you`re putting your foot down. Doesnt do it in any other gears or under any other driving conditions. Nothing at all shows fault wise on VagCom and so on..

    Anyone have an idea? Maybe coilpacks on their way out? Its done 87k and im pretty sure they`ve never been changed before. I put new plugs in it when we got it with genuine ones so i know they`re not manky or anything.
  2. richieb138

    richieb138 Member

    I'd say coilpacks on the way out is a reasonable suggestion - although when I had a dodgy coil about a year ago mine hesitated in 4th and 5th, never really in 3rd. It didn't throw any faults then though either and was always most noticeable at 4-5k and tended to mostly do it when floored from about 3k.

    Hope that is of some help!
  3. Welly

    Welly VX220 SC Driver :)

    Hmmm, when was she last serviced?

    (The car)

    I know you said that the plugs have been replaced, but that doesn't always mean they are good still. Unlikely, I admit, but still worth taking them out and having a look see.

    Other than that, coils are a possibility. I would leave it until it becomes worse so that it becomes easier to diagnose if it were me. Diagnosing things like this is always a PITA.
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  4. Jason.s

    Jason.s Active Member

    The guy did a basic service just before we picked it up and it was doing it pretty much on the way home. Did the plugs and no change.

    May leave it until it gets worse as you say and then be able to have a better idea. She doesnt boot it very often anyway, just when overtaking and she`s only just noticed it herself.

    Might just do a cheeky one at work and get in 4 coils and fit them and see if it helps. If not Mr VW can have them back lol.

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