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1.8T 190bhp Remap

JayP Nov 10, 2012

  1. JayP

    JayP Member

    Hi guys

    A friend of mine has a A4 S-Line 1.8T 190bhp. He's looking into remapping it but cant decide what remap to go for as there are so many different options available.

    Anyone with a similar model had a remap done? If so what type of power gains were achieved, how was MPG affected and where/which remap did you go for?

    Also is it worth going for a recirculating DV and Filter too?

    Any advice much appreciated.

  2. Andie0

    Andie0 Member

    There are plenty of different places you can go to get a remap but first off the gains you will receive depends on what supporting mods you have installed on the car. If you just want a little extra grunt then and induction kit (though hard to find for this model under £300) and a DV either 007p or 008 from forge Motorsport would probably after the map see between 210 to 225! I personally think revo are decent for these models and have been there myself pretty good!

    If you then want more obviously the cost goes through the roof and you need lots of other surporting mods but depends on your budget in the end of the day!
    Hope this helps
  3. Rick @ Unicorn Motor Dev.

    Rick @ Unicorn Motor Dev. Site Sponsor Site Sponsor

    You won't see a huge increase in power on this model, but still gain a lot of midrange grunt. I wouldn't spend the money on an induction kit personally, exhaust yes. Just make you have a nice clean filter.

  4. Andie0

    Andie0 Member

    I found that my throttle response when I added my induction kit was noticeably more sharp. Though I have now started all over again with this new car as I sold my old 1.8t 190 and went over to a Leon for a while but didn't really enjoy it over my 1.8t audi so have now sold that and bought a newer 1.8t 190 which im happy to be bk in. So the modding starts all over again ko4 for me this time ko3 was lame.

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