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1.8T 180hp Remap - Anyone done it?

IanWood Jun 11, 2004

  1. IanWood

    IanWood New Member

    Thinking about getting my 1.8T remapped at AmD. They claim they can get me another 40hp simply through a 3 hour remap on their rolling road giving me a total of close to 220hp. Apparently it will improve responsiveness in the lower revs as well. Sounds all a bit too good to be true. Anyone else here done it? Would love to hear of experiences either good or bad. Better yet, if anyone could post some pre/post dyno results for the 180hp 1.8T (AJL) that would be great.

    Other then being a natural skeptic at the promise of 40 more horses, I wonder if this will put extra strain on the engine, especially the turbo. I subject my car to a fair amount of city driving and would worry a bit about frequent turbo temp cycles. Would love it if someone could persuade me not to worry and to instead delight in the pull of an additional 40 horses!
  2. Anito

    Anito Member

    There are plenty of posts on ASN about this but the bottom line is, yes it's worth it and yes the engine is good for it. Aparrantly the best improvement you will notice is torque.

    I have 1 1.8T Sprot Quattro A4 with 180, can't get round do doing it but I want to.

    Do it i'm sure you won't be sorry /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/groovy.gif
  3. ImolaS4

    ImolaS4 Member

    The engine can handle it - the turbo is strong, too. It is all about how you drive and how vigilant you are with maintenance.

    The bypass valve should be replaced if you intend on chipping the car - in fact, I'd replace it just for peace of mind. The replacement part can be any of several options. The bosch OE replacement BPV's are good budget options. Bailey, Stratmosphere and Forge make great aftermarket BPV's as well, but they cost more.

    Take care of the turbo. You must allow it to fully warm up before you drive the car hard (this means engine oil should be warm - NOT the engine coolant temp, but the engine oil temp, which takes longer to warm up). And you must allow the turbo to cool down before you turn off the engine - especially if you have driven it hard (a couple of minutes at idle is all that's necessary).

    You need to realize that it is a German performance car. German performance cars require care and attention; neglect will result in serious repairs and expense. Care and attention can be defined as simply being disciplined about the schedule of maintenance and immediately dealing with a problem when it arises. You can NOT let a problem linger like you can with a Volvo or Toyota. If a problem comes up, the longer you wait to fix it, the worse it will get; it will cause other items to fail and your wallet will suffer exponentially. But if you treat your Audi with respect and care, you will be rewarded with a superior driving experience.

    Chip it and take care of it.
  4. IanWood

    IanWood New Member

    Thanks. I am waiting for some dyno outputs from AmD for some of the 180hp remaps they've done in the past. Once I see a nice curve showing the difference, I'll probably not be able to fight it any longer!

    Taking care of the turbo I agree is key. Will ask about bypass valve. Is that the same as the diverter valve?

  5. ImolaS4

    ImolaS4 Member

    [ QUOTE ]
    Ian Wood said:
    Taking care of the turbo I agree is key. Will ask about bypass valve. Is that the same as the diverter valve

    [/ QUOTE ]
    Yes, diverter valve and by-pass valve are synonymous terms. Do not go with a BOV (blow-off valve).

    For Audi closed loop turbo systems, utilizing a BOV is not a good idea as it will cause a rich condition (i.e. less air to fuel ratio) and cause damage to the cat, soot on the exhaust pipes, occasional misfiring due to the loss of the purged air, etc.
    A BOV vents excess pressure generated between shifts to the atmosphere, thus purging the air out of the intake tract.
    A BPV (or DV) recirculates the purged air and keeps it in the intake tract.

    AmD Viper = Polished chrome version of Bailey DV with AmD logo, $$$ (see "Bailey" below)
    Bailey = Probably the most popular, serviceable, $$$
    Evolution Motorsports = Cosmetic (4 color choices), not serviceable, $$
    Forge = Large (may have fitment problems), serviceable, $$
    Forge Race = Larger than others (see above), adjustable, serviceable, $$$
    Hyperboost = Cosmetic package, not serviceable, $$
    Hyperboost Adjustable = New, cosmetic package, may not fit S4, adjustable preload, not serviceable, $$$
    Hyperboost HX = Newest, very cosmetic package, new internals, not serviceable, $$$
    OE Bosch TT 710A = THE STOCK DV FOUND IN ALL (1997 AND UP) AUDI TURBO MODELS, Audi part # 034-145-710A OR 06B-145-710, $
    OE Bosch TT 710N = Basic, popular & low-budget upgrade, maintains stock look, not serviceable, Audi part# 06A-145-710-N, $
    OE Bosch Sport 110 = MTM upgrade, same as 710N with "better" internals, not serviceable, $$

    $ = under $50 USD
    $$ = $50 - $150 USD
    $$$ = Over $150 USD
  6. Bazza

    Bazza Member

    I don't think the AMD Viper is a baileys IIRC they are manufactured for AMD by turbo dynamics.
  7. jgrand

    jgrand Member

    That's correct. Mine has Turbo Dynamics etched on one side and the AmD logo etched on the other.
  8. GregC

    GregC Member

    Definately a worthwhile mod. I had mine chipped by QS Tuning (Haywards Heath). A real slap in the back when the turbo kicked in, it totally changed the car.

    Personally I would recommend an exchaust change too as this makes the most of the upgrade and gives a nice sound (either Kim or AMD seem more than happy to discuss options and give advice).

  9. IanWood

    IanWood New Member

    I was thinking of some exhaust work as well but will get the remap first, give it a go and then of course, once you start making performance upgrades it becomes a slippery slope!

    Thanks ImolaS4 for the details on the diverter valves. Will probably go with the AmD one as it sounds like it is as good as the others. As well, they will know it well when they do their remap.

    Haven't received the sample dynos yet but will post em up here when i do.


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