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1.8 versus a 1.8 Turbo and insurance prices

manikm May 15, 2004

  1. manikm

    manikm Member

    As the 1.8 isnt too quick of the mark - i was wondering about selling mine and getting the turbo version> is there a lot of difference in acc and speed?!

    also insurance premiums - will there be a big increase - i currently pay £685 fully comp - what would i expect to pay extra on a turbo version

    are a3 turbo sports quicker than an a4 turbo!?
  2. justin_1ss

    justin_1ss Member

    25Bhp different though the 1.8T has alot more tuning capabilities and mid range torque. Insurance wise 1.8 is group 13 and and the turbo is 15 maybe a couple of hundred quid different a year maybe more. I would assume that the A3 turbo is quickers as it is a smaller car try www.parkers.co.uk and under revies then techniqal data they give all the bhp and most 0-60 times for many cars hope this helps.
  3. technics100

    technics100 Active Member

    Same thing when I was looking, I thought the insurance would change loads, but the diff between a 1.6 group 11 and a 2.6 group 15 was about £50. So I got the 2.6...

    got insurance from www.admiral.uk.com

    good luck

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