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1.8 TQS BAD judder!!!

Gops Sep 26, 2011

  1. Gops

    Gops Badger 5 Edition VCDS Map User Gold Supporter Audi S3

    Hi guys, need some of your help! My cousin has a 1.8TQS and is experiencing some bad juddering under throttle. Most of the times when he pulls out of a junction or when he tries full throttle it judders as if the car is about to cut off!? I got it around mine, took the spark plugs out and it was all black- indication of over fueling?! checked the air filter for blockages cleaned the box, and put newish sparks in there. any idea if this linked to something else? I was thinking the fuel filter maybe choked but it seems fine sometimes. He said to me that its kind of ok when its cold, its when its warm it really does that!

    Any help would be much appriciated guys!

  2. Bradderz_1988

    Bradderz_1988 Dont replace it, Upgrade it !!

    Had similar experience recently and one of the coils was on it's way out it developed into a misfire at idle and then I just disconnected the coils one by one to determine which one was at fault. Failing that it may be the dual mass flywheel !!
  3. Broken Byzan

    Broken Byzan Photographic Moderator Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User quattro Audi A4

    Change the coolant temperature sender on the back of the head. It's probably telling the ECU it's running in cold start mode.

    Even if the dash says its ok for temp, the sender can still be faulty as its a 2 part unit. One section for ECU, one for dash
  4. Gops

    Gops Badger 5 Edition VCDS Map User Gold Supporter Audi S3

    He had his coils replaced by midland VW not log ago you know.. How could the flywheel be causing this? He had that changed with his clutch not long ago too.. Mind you it is remapped!

    Mark I was thinking that as my s3 needs one but his temp gaugE don't even work. Reckon t could be the maf?

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