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1.8 TFSI (120) Remap

am59fly Jul 22, 2011

  1. am59fly

    am59fly New Member

    Hi all,

    New here, just bought a 2010 A4 1.8 TFSI (120ps) and I'm considering a remap.
    Any suggestions ?
    So far I've looked at ABT remap to 211bhp and 330Nm for £2000 :scared2: !
    Or Revo remap to 220bhp and from 170lbft to 275lbft for £449.
    Obviously Revo sounds like the better deal but I find it hard to believe they can achieve that kind of power without some engine mods :S
  2. VRStu

    VRStu Just Looking VCDS Map User

    REVO are pretty good tuners but their software tends to go balls out to achieve the big headline number that has already sucked you in.

    You may find your ECU is locked which may limit your options.

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