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1.8 A4 avant SE servicing and removing of the inspection/service light (HELP!!)

monkeynuts Jan 6, 2011

  1. monkeynuts

    monkeynuts New Member

    hi all
    i recently bought this 1998 avant for £600 with 115k on the clock with a knackered cat, now thats been done for £140, she runs sweet and in service book it had a cam belt 28k ago(3year) , but its been 13k since last service , so i just ordered up oil and filter, fuel filter, air filter, plugs and new thremostat(as she runs cold on motor way). i plan to get this done at weekend if the weather is nice to me,

    but i have a couple of questions:-

    1 , can i use standard anti-freeze(bluecol) as i have loads of it at work and it will save few quid ??
    2, what gear oil does my gearbox need (ep90???)
    3 ,is there anythink i should look out for as common problem??
    4, how can i get rid of the serv/inspec light??? or does it have to go to dealer????

    many thanks
  2. PaulTheo

    PaulTheo Member


    1, I used to use normal AF in my B5 & B6 with no problems (for the same reason as you) but that is not to say its right.
    2, I am sure its a multigrade oil you need.
    3, Nothing special but knocking front suspension which will require the arms changing at some point, just do the lot in one go its better in the long run.
    4, Its in the owners manual you use the buttons on the dash.

    I had the same issue with the thermostat the faster you drive the lower the temp goes. I tried a cheap one and it was no good an original fixed it for me.

    I found the B5 & 6 the most reliable cars I have ever owned so hope you have the same luck. Regular oil changes and not a lot else on mine.

  3. pjw

    pjw Member Audi A4

    If you find that the method of doing it on the dash doesnt work, you have to reset all the intervals using vagcom. I had to, but im pretty sure this is only for prefacelift.
  4. aragorn

    aragorn "Stick a V8 in it!" Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    Mixing G12 and standard blue antifreeze can result in your coolant turning to sludge.

    If its "long life" red antifreeze then no problem.

    Gearbox takes 75w90 fully synth oil.
  5. Alibi

    Alibi Member

    On mine, you hold in both the buttons on the instrument panel at the same time (the mileometer reset button and the clock adjustment button although yours may be an older dash layout) and then turn the ignition on. Job done.

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