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1.6 tdi idling issue

220coupe Mar 11, 2010

  1. 220coupe

    220coupe New Member

    I have a new 1.6 tdi sportback SE and i have noticed an intermittent problem. I have taken the car back to the local dealers who have said that they cant find anything wrong but.....

    The issue is that occasionally when stopping and expecting the start stop system to kick in and turn off the engine, the engine continues to rev at circa 1000 rpm. This means that the S/S system doesnt then work. I am keeping a log of when this happens, backed up by photographic proof, but does anyone have any ideas as to what it may be?

    I am not familiar with Audi engines, but my first thought was a sticking throttle cable, which would perhaps cover the randomness of the fault, or perhaps it could be that the throttle stop is slightly out but then i would expect that all the time.

    The engine is fully warm, no rain, and the car has @3000 miles on the clock.

    It would be good to give the dealers an idea of where they should be looking as it is bugging the hell out of me.

    Thanks in advance all.

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