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a3-se Nov 10, 2009

  1. a3-se

    a3-se audi a3-se

    hi just wanted to knw wat you people think about the audi a3 1.6 se from my experiance ive had nothing but trouble and is one of the most unreliable cars ive owned now that is being put up against my other previous cars like mk 1 novas and corsa in other words they were bangers but still run and lasted longer on the road than this audi i own now my reason for saying this are as follows

    the car is a 52 reg and has done 83k i have owned it 2 and a half months and these are my problems up to now

    • d bushes knocking on anti roll bar (fixed)
    • dashboard clocks faulty (fixed)
    • lamber sensor gone (fixed)
    • brake light switch gone (fixed)
    • exhaust blowing and knocking (not fixed)
    • drivers window wouldnt go up (fixed i think)
    • air flow meter gone (not fixed)
    • traction control light (not fixed)
    • fans come on once egnition is of (not fixed caint find problem)
    • 2 other sensors gone but caint remember wat they was (not fixed)
    there is other problems but caint think of them at the moment so is it just me or did audi just make an unreliable car looked on the internet reviews and most people have agreed and that the 1.8 and the 1.8t is much better any comments would be apprecited thanks
  2. <tuffty/>

    <tuffty/> Badger 5 Edition...Its all about the flow... Staff Member Moderator Audi S3

    Most of the faults you have listed are common across all the range tbh... engine size makes no odds for most of these.

    The reviews are probably saying the 1.8's are better due to having a more powerful engine for the money you would have paid new.

    These cars aren't immune to problems just because its an Audi. Don't forget this is the same platform as the Octavia, Leon and Golf. Same probs across all of them tbh..

    Last edited: Nov 11, 2009
  3. a3-se

    a3-se audi a3-se

    thanks tuffy its just i really like the car and im abit annoyed about all the problems and because of the problems i havent been able to spend a penny on making it look how i want it to got so many plans just caint do them due to every time i get the money saved up to do somethink somethink else breaks lol
  4. Pooch121

    Pooch121 Steady Eddy

    ive owned my 1.6 now for nearly six months

    and gotta say, it aint been plain sailing either bud!!

    ive had five different warning lights on my dash appear, 3 of which all appeared at the same time!

    EPC light
    ESP light
    Airbag light
    Brake discs/pads wearing thin...light (though the pads are new!)
    and engine management light!!

    also had cambelt change (required as on 70k), wheel sensor change, thermostat, brake light switch, and on top of that the exhaust now appears to be knocking the underside of the car....ooohh and me cigerette lighter doesnt work either (lol), though im sure most of you think i should be lined up and shot for smoking in my car!!

    my only argument for that is my tyres wont be smoking with me sewing machine...so i make up for it in the cockpit!!

    bought the car thinking i wouldnt get these nigly little faults, if i knew this I woulda jus got the 1.8T, far more worth spending your money on! :blahblah1:
  5. lugz

    lugz Member

    i've got the 1.6, and its a P reg only had it a couple of months but up to now the only things i've picked up on are little fiddly bits with the interior..

    hoping it stays this way too aha

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