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1.6 possible headgasket failure? bouncing idle, dying/non starting

JTI Apr 22, 2012

  1. JTI

    JTI New Member

    Hello there. I haven't posted much but been reading all the useful info for awhile, but its now time to get my hands dirty and save the car before it gets worse.

    It is my other half's car so I didn't know it was slowly getting worse till last week.The car has been using oil up at a slightly faster rate than normal the last few months as well as a lot of coolant, so I knew it was in need of some TLC.

    The problem started a week or so ago, the car started to fail to start. then when running every now and again the revs would "bounce" dipping down to almost stalling before bouncing back up to 1k. I did some google searching and everyone says it's the air sensor, So i thought it was worth a shot as they aren't much, so I changed it last night.

    Today the car will start and then die, or it will start and need revs to stay running. once driven a few minutes it improves but the bouncing revs happen worse. so when I got home I opened the bonnet while the engine was still bouncing, and started looking for anything strange. I noticed the inlet hose to the throttle body wasn't sitting right, so I played and got that back on, but it playing I found oil in this hose, LOTS of oil.

    I looked and a funny round thing on the top of the inlet manifold seems to have a lot of oil on it too, as does the side on the head under the oil filler cap. not noticed before as it was hidden under covers.

    So my final check was to undo the filler cap where I found a lot of the dreaded yellowish mayo stuff from the coolant in the oil?

    All of this seems to add up to the head gasket? but I have written this essay to hopefully get the views of some more knowledgeable people, eg: you lot lol!

    Here's the pictures:
    and I also noticed this area on top of the exhaust shield:

    Any ideas or advice would be gratefully received?
  2. BtownA3

    BtownA3 Member

    For starters I would give the Throttle Body A good clean... Yellow gunk although linked to Head issues can also be found under the oil fill cap if you don't do great mileage in the car... How much Yellow gunk did you find ?

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