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1.6 engine

hburnett May 9, 2007

  1. Plank

    Plank Member

    Well done for comparing a petrol A3 and a much heavier engined diesel Clio!

    Also 3dr compared to 5dr!
  2. southpaw66

    southpaw66 Member

    261mm is a lot of difference. The injury figures are entirely dependent on the amount energy which can be absorbed by the structure, the more crush space up front the more energy it can absorb and the less intrusion into the cabin space. The heavier the car the more energy needs to be absorbed. The strength of the car is therefore balanced to the weight, thus when a heavy car hits a lighter car, the lighter, less strong car will come off much worse.

    The injury measurements are typically made to the nearest 10th of a millimetre during the design phase.

    Qualifier: I used to work as an engineer in Crash Safety at a premium brand OEM and have personally supervised crash tests. As well as designing the structure and occupant protection systems (e.g. airbag fire times, seat belt behaviour, interior head impact etc..)
  3. Amchlolor

    Amchlolor Active Member

    Oh dear...read it again eh ?

    See where I said "sportback" ?
    That'll be a 5 door mate.

    See where I said "Clio 5 door" ?
    That'll be a 5 door too mate.

    So both are............???
  4. normski

    normski Member

    Did I miss something?

    I thought I read that the figures were for a 3 door A3? Can't seem to find it now.

    From the figures, whilst Bowfer seems to think the Clio is the size of a Golf, the A3 is infact nearer to being the size of an A4...you just can't win.

    If I have the choice of an Audi, a VW or even a Ford with an NCAP of 1 compared to the Clio's 5, I still wouldn't have a Clio. If the best NCAP can do is dock points because the car down't warn you that your seatbelt isn't on, then it sounds like a middle of the road NCAP rating needs to be a prerequisite for me when looking at cars. I hate being told that I haven't got it on, I already know.

    Hell, I was in a RR sport before they were released and you couldn't enter a route into the satnav unless the vehicle was stationary and parked - what use is that, but I bet the NCAP people would penalise it if you could use it like god intended.

    Bowfer hasn't got a good word to say about Audi at the moment, his opinion is biased towards the Renault and come hell or high water, you will never get him to back down or accept that his opinion isn't the right one...don't feed him...
  5. sat1983

    sat1983 Member

  6. h5djr

    h5djr Well-Known Member VCDS Map User Gold Supporter quattro Audi A3

    Bowfer hasn't had a good word to say about Audi ever since he discovered that his DSG gear box did not behave in the way he personally thought it should.

    Still his A3 will be 3 years old soon and his boss will let him have a shiney new Alfa or BMW or whatever or perhaps it will now be a Renault Clio so he will be a happy bunny again. Lets hope so!

    I'm sure there are a lot of advantages for having a car supplied by your comapany but one of the disadvantages is that if you make a mistake you 're generally stuck with it until the end of the lease period.
  7. Amchlolor

    Amchlolor Active Member

    The Clio was only used as an example.
    Someone mentioned they would consider buying an A3 because they consider it safe.
    I was merely pointing out that it's crash figures,passenger or child,aren't as good as some of the competition,so buying one using the 'safety' card is wrong.
  8. aldoinsuat

    aldoinsuat New Member

    I have an 1.6 a3 sportback and is weak before 3000 rpm, after the 3000rpm you feel some power. I compare with others 1.6 cars and is similar the torque and HP. (mazda 3 1.6, Hyundai Accent 1.6 , Golf 1.6)

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