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1.6 cam sensor?

cobrascim Jan 5, 2008

  1. cobrascim

    cobrascim Member

    A friend of mine has just bought a petrol 1.6 A4. It was stuttering at lower speeds and going up hills. I put the computer on it and it had a few faults. Lambda/engine speed sensor and cam position sensor. I had a quick look under the bonnet and noted a new lambda sensor fitted and air flow meter so it has had some problems in the past.
    I found a green plug not connected under the water bottle and discovered what seemed to be the other half and plugged them together. There obviously has been some work done.
    I then found a 2 pin blue plug at the back of the engine close to the distributor not connected and couldn't see anything at night with a torch. I'm going to look again in daylight hopefully later today(sat). I cleared the faults went for a drive and it does stutter a bit. Came back and checked codes and the only one registering now is the cam position sensor. Cant find one mentioned in the workshop manual.
    1.Can anyone tell me where it is? Is it on the dissy?
    2.Should the blue plug be connected?
    3.Was the green plug the engine speed sensor?

    I also noted the electric window switches on drivers door seem to operate the oposite doors window. Think someone has been having a laugh with the electrics!

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