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1.4 TFsi performance, nice surprise!

First Ever Audi Aug 29, 2013

  1. nalbagli

    nalbagli New Member

    Compared to a Hyundai Veloster does anyone of you know who performance should feel?

  2. sftdi

    sftdi Member

    I drove a 1.4se 120bhp and then a Golf 1.4 ACT for comparison.

    I thought the 120bhp was smooth and refined and before I knew it I was zipping along at 75mph on the dual carriageway. Mpg was mighty fine too, my test drive showed a mpg of 50.

    As for the 1.4 ACT, I felt it had more oomph in 1st gear and was super quiet and refined compared to my A1 1.6 tdi. Hence I have gone for the 1.4 CoD.

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