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samil87 Mar 3, 2010

  1. samil87

    samil87 Member

    Does anyone have any experience of the 1.4T FSI engine?

    I assume it's better than the 1.6.

    What sort of mpg does it get?

    How capable is it?
  2. alfiejts

    alfiejts Member

    Only a tiny bit - but no one else has replied, so here goes....

    I have a 2.0 TDi (140) and I had a 1.4T FSI courtesy car for a day whilst mine was in for a service.

    The car had done 6000 miles, so the engine should have loosened up, but compared to my TDI it was just so flat and "underpowered" that I couldn't believe the difference.

    I've checked and its meant to deliver 123 hp and 200nm torque. The TDIs 140 bhp and c. 300nm torque.

    So, yes, I know that the diesel will have more "grunt", but the 1.4 felt just so flat - and it delivered less MPG than my own.

    For the same 20 mile yourney I got about 45mpg from the 2.0 TDI and about 37mpg from the 1.4.

    I know you were after comparisons with the 1.6 and its probably better than the old 1.6 petrol (it certainly is on paper), but its not for me....

    We have a 1.3 Yaris - and the 1.4T A3 engine felt just the same - it did the job and got you from A to B - but there was no pleasure in the way that the engine delivers - it was just "bland".

    The best bit was opening the bonnet and looking at the very cute and tiny turbo stuck on the front of the engine.....
  3. samil87

    samil87 Member

    Thank You for the info.

    Just what I was looking for.

    Think i'm just going to have to take a few for a test drive.
  4. lundoz

    lundoz Member

    Im very happy with my 1.4 tfsi. The turbo kicks inn from the start so it will give you the good feel of speed. To compare a 1.3 yaris to an audi a3 is just wrong. WRONG!!
  5. Stuhil

    Stuhil Member


    My wife bought an A3 1.4TFSi S-Line in September 2009. It replaced her '56' plate Astra 1.6SXi. She has now done 8kmiles doing approx 70miles per day round commute. She absolutely loves it. We looked at a 2.0 TDi but we couldn't justify the near 2k difference in price as it is a 'second car' albeit her main means of transport. Having sold my A4 privately and ponder placing an order for an A5sb or A4 Avant, I've driven her car a few times of late and really think the engine is great fun.

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