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1.4 seat vs 1.9tdi seat

emery1990 Sep 5, 2009

  1. emery1990

    emery1990 Active Member

    A freidn of mine is wanting a new car, a seat or a leon, he says he wants a 1.4 or 1.6, but im saying for him to get a tdi 130bhp or even a 90bhp with a remap, as there all around the same insurance. £100 apart etc.

    and even get the 130 remmaped, as im aware they can be remapped to like 40bhp, but may cause problems, clutch etc.

    the tdis will be better to tax etc or should he just get the petrol
  2. Sundance

    Sundance New Member

    I just got rid of a Leon and will never touch one again. In the event that your mate does get one he should prepare himself for the regular discovery of nuisance common faults like wet passenger footwell, damp coil packs that don't work(3 cylinders just isn't as good as 4) rear wiper wash pipe that pops off it's fitting regularly, the broken clips on the plastic boot panel that needs to be removed to access the rear wash wipe fitting, the wet boot, the daftass welded support on the exhaust that breaks off leaving you with a perfectly good exhaust that sits and vibrates on the cross member, the poorly sealed headlights. On the other hand there are the good points like........well frankly, the only good point I can think of is that I got so sick of mine so fast that I was quite happy to use it as a van for all sorts. I was a perfectly happy bunny when I left it at the dealership having traded it in as part payment for an Audi A3 2.0l Sport TDi.
    It can be said that I maybe got a bad Seat Leon 1.6S but every time I found a fault and googled it I found it was a common one!! When I bought the Audi it was a case of the straw that snapped the camels back when in the morning I could not find a rear wiper to fit (at Halfords or the local auto factors) and then when I went to leave the auto factors it pulled it's latest favorite trick by not wanting to start. Once the car started it was straight home to search the local dealerships for a replacement. By midday the payment was down on the Audi. There are a couple of bits and pieces which are being sorted out on the Audi but at least I am confident that build quality and reliability are pretty well guaranteed.
    I have just remembered that the driver seat on the Seat was really comfy, even on very long journeys (North Scotland to South Wales) I found that the seat was probably the most comfy I have had in any car!!
    The rate that a Seats value depreciates is probably afair reflection of their overall quality!!

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