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09 S3 bumper and valance on 04 3dr

navnayyar Jan 24, 2010

  1. jb0o

    jb0o North East Forum Moderator Site Sponsor Regional Rep VCDS Map User

    You need the complete bumper. The facelift S3 bumper comes in 3 parts, upper bumper, lower bumper and diffuser.

    Best way to get part numbers if you dont have ETKA is to go on Autotrader/eBay and find the S3 with the bumper you want, take a note of the registration and give your dealer a ring and quote the registration, from that they can tell you part bumpers of the 3 parts of the bumper.
  2. Jimmy_bfd

    Jimmy_bfd Member

    hey guys,i'm wanting to do the same. this thread gave me an insight but i'm still i little confused. can someone confirm a few thing for me. i have an 04 3dr reg a3 8p, it not s-line or nething just normal 2.0tdi the 140bhp. what would i need to buy if i wanted an s3 rear conversion? can someone tell me where the best place would be to get the parts i.e dearler or ebay, the total cost i would be looking at?

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