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09 Climate control retofit

M88JCP Jun 2, 2010

  1. M88JCP

    M88JCP Member

    Hi everyone

    I know there has been a few threads regarding this subject, but this new one maybe of help to somebody..

    I've had my car about 8 months now, and three months ago i brought the new facelifted climate control unit, plugged it in and all seemed to work fine... 'Seemed to' being the choice words lol...

    Last weekend when we had our heat wave, i then discocvered my air-con didn't want to play and discovered i'd been rather stupid and missed this when i changed my climate control over... :wacko:

    However not wanting to go back to my old unit, i attempted and succeeding in changing the old unit's internals and retrofitting the new facelift front. The new front did take abit of tweeking (small bit of trimming on the LED surrounds) and playing with but it now fits flush, looks completely OEM and works a treat, great result..:thumbsup:

    I know a few people have talked about doing this, and it maybe of use to know it can be done and it only took me about an hour.

    Unfortunalty i don't have any pictures as my camera is in america with my sister on her holidays but i'm happy to help anybody if they need it

  2. Hello,

    I plan to do the same mod, i have a single din climate control and i would buy a new facelifted double din one do you know if i can do this swap by changing the internal from the single din one to the double din?

  3. klik

    klik Member

    I replaced my May 2008 unit with heated seats with a brand new 2010 model part # 8P0 820 043 BN XHA and although initially A/C did not work, it did after driving the car for a while. Shall I consider myself lucky? LOL
  4. PH1L

    PH1L Gievf Buckets

    2008 cars have hte new heater system and the mod is plug and play 2007 could be either and <07 dont and would need internals swapping

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