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09 audi a3 double din chorus ii+ Aux in

sidthetaff Apr 17, 2013

  1. sidthetaff

    sidthetaff New Member

    Hi guys,
    Just bought an a3 and it came with the chorus ii+ double din stereo. Im looking at fitting an aux in cable to it as it doesnt seem to have this, but looking through the forums all i can pick up is that the radio would need to be recoded and i need a harness for it and all kinds of craziness. Ive done a fair few aftermarket installs in previous cars before, so im not too bothered about doing the work, its the messing about with obd2 codes and things like that im unsure about. coud someone point me in the right direction please?
  2. JayT

    JayT New Member

    Hi mate

    I used to have the same stereo as yours in my car. You can get an Xcarlink kit or a Denison one that should allow you to have an Aux line-in to your stereo.
    You are right though, the radio does need to be recoded to let it know it has a CD changer attached (Unless of course you already have a CD changer).
    If there are any VCDS members in your area they can do this for you and it's literally a 2 minute job, offer them some beer tokens in return though!
    VCDS user map: https://maps.google.co.uk/maps/ms?m...23242&spn=8.941335,43.505859&z=5&source=embed

    In my opinion the best option is probably an RNS-e to replace your Chorus II+ but it's quite a bit more than the aux in kit.

    Hope this helps

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