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04 a3 2.0 tdi issues??

ell107 Mar 16, 2014

  1. ell107

    ell107 New Member

    Ive recently bought an a3 as i needed to get a cheaper set of wheels for house buying and wanted something reliable but now ive got few issues with it
    1: headlights wont adjust up or down
    2: its started to judder when driving at slower speeds
    3: its constantly stuck in econ? For the heating and mists up really bad when raining
    4: i think turbo is on its way out cause if i put my foot down and let off a light grey puff comes out back

    Any help id really appreciate it i know its guna take a while to sort but i dont want a rough running car when i need it to be as reliable as possible thanks
  2. ell107

    ell107 New Member

    Also its on 125k miles so is there anything i should look out for?
  3. max69vk

    max69vk Active Member

    1. Check the fuses for the headlight adjustment.

    2. Change the fuel filter & run some redex through a couple of tanks of fuel.

    3. Get the car scanned on VCDS it could be a failed pressure switch, or possibly need the AC recharged.

    4. When was the oil + air filter last done? Grey smoke usually means over fuelling, also worth using a VCDS scan to check the torsion value.
  4. c_w

    c_w Well-Known Member

    On point three, as a bove, the system made need recharging (and it's got a leak somewhere), as the compressor won't cut in if the pressure is too low.
  5. ell107

    ell107 New Member

    Tidy cheers for your help lads i got it service in december when i picked it up the guy said it had never been done properly so maybe thats coming to a head now

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