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01 A3 Flywheel issues .. help?

LadyS Dec 21, 2006

  1. LadyS

    LadyS New Member

    Hi there

    New to the forum, so please bear with me ...

    I have an '01 A3 1.9 TDI, 120k on the clock, over the last few weeks there has been a strange knocking sound at low speeds. I thought it was the clutch but my good friend who is handy with cars had a look, and assures me its the Flywheel as he had a similar issue in his Golf.

    Can anyone advise what am i looking at repair wise if this is the case?

    I spoke to my garage who said that they need to look at it to confirm its the flywheel but started talking about wanting to do the clutch too if that is the case. My clutch was changed just over a year ago. I now worry that the flywheel issue was caused by the garage who changed the clutch (not my usual garage) in that they didnt fit it properly. Speculation on my part, but possible.

    Anyone have any idea on the rough costs i am facing, including labour? and where i stand in terms of getting them to just do the flywheel? Say the clutch is ok, is that acceptable?

    I look forward to your replies :yahoo:

  2. madvw

    madvw Active Member

    to be honest you may as well get the clutch done as well, especially if it increases your comeback on the people who are doing this work...

    I'd have a good look around for worn bushes and mounts though before i replace the flywheel.

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