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'01 2.5 Q alternator help please?!

Littlechat Sep 23, 2009

  1. Littlechat

    Littlechat New Member

    Hi all,
    I've been lurking on here for a while now, but not had anything much to say so have kept my head down!

    Until now....

    I've got a 2001 2.5 Quattro Diseasel (180) which I love to bits, but last week the battery light came on while I was on my way back home from the airport. I had no choice but to keep going, but it was in the evening so I had to use my lights for the last bit of the journey, which then totally nailed the battery. I had nearly all of the warning lights come up on the dash, then lost all the dash illumination, then eventually lost the external lights about a mile from home. The engine wasn't sounding good either, very rattly and labouring.

    I have replaced the battery as the old one was fried, and am now looking to get a new alternator too, but I'm having a bit of a job finding out which one I need! I've found loads but don't know what Amps I need - 120, 140, 150??? Does it matter that much, or is it absolutely crucial to have the right one?
    The engine code is an AKE.

    Any helpful advice will be gratefully received! :thumbsup:
  2. Chris79

    Chris79 On my 3rd A4! RS4 next???

    Hi - I can't comment on the amperage of the alternator but I had the same problem on my car (52 plate 2.5 tdi quattro). Are you doing the work yourself?

    It was a massive job - I had all the belts done while the car was in bits and water pump. Cost £££!

    Good luck.

  3. adamss24

    adamss24 Well-Known Member

    it should be a 120 amps alternator. If its a bosch one i have a spare if its a valeo then its expensive.
  4. Littlechat

    Littlechat New Member

    Cheers for the replies guys, but I realised how much of a job it was going to be to do it myself so I ended up putting it into the garage. I'm pretty stressed with work at the mo so the last thing I wanted was to have the car in bits on the drive and then find out I couldn't do it!

    Been using my bike to get to work so wasn't an issue there, just gutted I've had to pay out nearly £500 to get it done, particularly when I've just had to spend out on 4 new tyres this month too!

    Oh well, part of the joys of Audi ownership I suppose lol!

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