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01 1.8t hard to get into gear half the time

G-baby158 Sep 2, 2013

  1. G-baby158

    G-baby158 New Member

    Go all, friends got an 01 1.8t, remapped, 2.5" turbo back ect and at first it started off on hard acceleration going from 2nd to 3rd it didn't like it and was hard to get into gear (like the clutch wasn't fully pressed) but over the last week or 2 it's got worse and any gear under hard acceleration but today it doesn't seem to like it on normal driving either.

    It hasn't long had a clutch so hopefully it's not that (G60 fly & clutch) and it goes in gear fine when standstill and most of the time on normal driving but is really hard on hard acceleration on any gear now. As said its as if the clutch isn't fully down.

    One thing I did notice is the engine and box seem to move a fair bit. Not sure if they're all like this but we thought it could be the gearbox mount so got a new one and its still the same so I'm not sure. Friends s3 of the same year is nothing like it but I thought this could be because that is 6speed.

    Any help will be great, already tried bleeding the clutch incase it was that but to no avail and doing the linkage adjustment thing but that hasn't helped either.

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