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00542 Needle lift sensor (G80)

HerefordQuattro Jan 13, 2011

  1. Done a VCDS (lite) code check on my motor and it has thrown up :

    1 Fault found:
    00542 - Needle lift sensor (G80)
    30-10 - Open or short to B+ - intermittent

    did a quick search and found this old thread : http://www.audi-sport.net/vb/vcds-formerly-vag-com-forum/17540-00542-needle-lift-sensor-g80.html

    anybody got up to date advice?

    i've checked the wiring and doesn't look in too bad condition so pressume must be the actual valve?

    anyone care to tell me quite how the G80 works? and are there any repairs (remove no3 inj & clean etc?) or is it new G80?

    thanks in advance boys and girls:)
  2. right done some more googling;

    I've checked the loom end of the connection and have 12v with ignition on (as it should).

    On the G80 end of the connector it should be reading a resistance of 80-120 Ohms apparently but i had no reading (infinite resistance) so suspect G80 must be knackered?

    Interestingly i ran VCDS again and managed to clear the code for a while but then it came back a few minutes later (previously wouldn't clear at all) so guess it's my favorite kind of fault : INTERMITTENT:banghead:!

    Not really noticed a drop off in performance but not sure how much it should effect?
  3. 141 views and 2 replies, both from me:banghead::lmfao:
  4. Right it's going to cost approx £300 from dealer for this part. Like to know how much difference a duff sensor might make? Going to be down on power and up on fuel i guess, but how much we talking because it doesn't seem to run too bad, not 100% i don't think but is it worth £300 to find out? Anyone?
  5. Mike B

    Mike B Well-Known Member

    Have you had this done yet ?We got one on the internet cheaper and cost £400 total.Cuts down on unburnt fuel from exhaust and should improve mpg
  6. adamss24

    adamss24 Well-Known Member

    The engines do sound coarse than when the needle lift sensor is working properly and the fuel consumption will be higher a few Mpg. They do not affect performance that much as the engine uses the crank sensor as a refference to gues the timing better and it does a fine job at it ! Its mainly the AKE engine that likes to munch the 3rd injector... I have a spare one in good working order if you desperate...
  7. Funny you say that Chris as it does sound a bit coarse at the moment and the fuel is suffering slightly. Not desperate at the moment but would like to get it done, missus has got me re-mortgage the house and ordering/fitting a new kitchen so bit busy!

    What's the rough cost of the rocker cover gaskets (presume they need replacing once removed?)
  8. adamss24

    adamss24 Well-Known Member

    Not necessary really but some might leak. I smear them with petroleum jelly on refitting and had very few leaking. They are about 30 quid each- not cheap ! The dealer price for the needle lift sensor new is 352 + VAT...
  9. Pm me a price for your spare then please mate...

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