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'00 Audi S3

ukku Sep 24, 2012

  1. ukku

    ukku S3 1.8TQ / Turkey

    It's 2000, Y reg, Audi S3 APY (210)
    It has Recaro's with electrical adjust, Bose, Sunroof and ESP. (i think everything so)




  2. Dani_B19

    Dani_B19 Audi-sports own special child.

    Looks nice mate. Whats the engine plans?
  3. ukku

    ukku S3 1.8TQ / Turkey

    It's on 195.000 kms now (about 115.000 miles)
    It has a brand new engine from geniune Audi dealer. (about 70.000 kms, 43.000 miles)
    It has full service history. But it needed a big maintence.
    So we did :)

    All liquids and filters changed. (Motul 5w40 engine oil, Mobil 75w90 full sync transmission oil, Motul 5.1 brake oil, Motul power steering oil :))
    Spark plugs changed. (BKR7E-IX)
    All brake discs and pads changed (EBC discs and red stuff pads)
    Wishbone bushes changed. (with polyurethane)
    Dogbone mount changed (with polyurethane)
    Rot-ends changed.
    MAF changed (Brand new from dealer)
    Turbo changed (Brand new from borg warner dealer)
    Exhaust manifold changed (Custom made k04 manifold, can be seen on another topic)
    Samco silicone TIP fitted
    Cleaned all the boost pipes and intercoolers.
    Cleaned inlet manifold.
    Simplified PVC, deleted n112, n249 and evap.
    SAI will be deleted soon.
    Changed FPR. (3 bar of course)
    Tested coil pack, DV (N revision on it), fuel pump, N75. All ok.
    Tested injector flow rate. All ok.
    Made pressure test and changed some clamps.
    K&N Panel filter fitted
    Supersprint catback exhaust fitted.
    I will have it remapped soon :)


  4. phil miller

    phil miller Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    very nice mate, love the colour

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