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  1. Matt

    Matt Active Member

    The difference between insuring a 140 S-line and a 170 S-line for me!

    I got a quote with More Than but when I put in my reg it had my car listed as a 140 but I didn't realise till I'd got the quote and was reviewing it. Then suddenly had a horrible thought it was going to increase dramatically when I put in the correct engine... so quite pleased with that.

    Total of £458.21 for me as the main driver, 24 year old, Maximum protected No Claims Bonus, 3 points, legal cover, guaranteed courtesy car

    That includes my 20 year old girlfriend, full license only held for 2 years as a named driver.

    £120 cheaper than Directline who I am currently with.

    Anyone else similar age/car want to post up what they pay for comparison? Its the cheapest I have found so far but interesting to see if I can possibly get it cheaper somewhere else?!

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