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@udi A3
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Feb 15, 2015
May 25, 2012
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Debt + Asset recovery

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@udi A3

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Toma69 I can program a new/second hand cluster in. May be able to repair yours also. Oct 30, 2014

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Feb 15, 2015
    1. crazyjay91
      Hi mate, I've got an Audi a3 8p and the key fob has packed up. I can't get in the car but if you need access I can use a brick. How much would you want for sorting a new key fob for me please mate? I live in Cosby, Leicester thanks
    2. @udi A3
      @udi A3
      Toma69 I can program a new/second hand cluster in. May be able to repair yours also.
    3. toma69
      hi there, ive got a 2011 2.0 tdi s line , im currently repairing but the original instrument cluster has been destroyed, what would be the easiest way to replace it , new , used etc and how could i get it coded , thanks in advance
    4. tkirkwood
      Hi Tom, I am in New Zealand with a Jap import A3 8p and only one key. Are you able to help me get a cheap spare key incl. cutting and programming? Cheers
    5. Smithe95
      Been directed to yourself for a new/replacement key for my audi A3 :) ?
    6. Rob45
      Hi mate Hows it going ?

      Pick your brains again , as siad , just got hold of some lights but are H1 bulb fit in the projector side , was thinking to either remove my projector and put in these , or i have seen HID kit type HID bulb in H1 fit which has the 2 wires and plugs then get another patch which has a female plug to fix to Oe balalsts ????

      Anyways, what i ever i choose , i will need to get lenses off ,i take it you have done this , whats the easiest way ?? was thinking a heat gun from a safe distance to soften bonding ???
      Cheers again
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    Debt + Asset recovery


    '02 TDi 130 Sport: Mods to date: BXP 160 conversion, EGR delete, Decat, Helix SMF fast road clutch, 312mm front rotors, full DIS , CC, Xenons.
    VCDS fully registered and happy to help.
    *Need a Spare Key or Remote? SKC retrieval? Clock/ECU swap or milage correction? I am fully insured to work on your vehicle! Offering a good deal and quality service to ASN members Nationwide!*
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