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Dec 17, 2014 at 5:36 PM
Dec 3, 2008
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Rarely neutral

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Dec 17, 2014 at 5:36 PM
    1. audi14
      Hi just wondering we're you boart your BT from thanks joe
    2. ltjlove
      Killa killa nice dog. U race audis? And that is your dog?
    3. jonny1985
      Hello Alex can you delete a few messages so i can pm you lol
    4. S3Alex
      No worries.

      Car when stock was light and easy to engage gears.
      I use a race-spec carbon metallic clutch now,and even with that,it's easy to engage gears,and feels light and easy to use.
    5. chadvaliant
      Thanks Alex, I appreciate your help.

      What was your car like in reverse when it was standard? Did you ever get the feeling that it was strangely geared? I use past tense because I assume you now have a very different clutch setup. I've never had clutch problems before and I'm not a bad driver but I genuinely struggle to reverse uphill.
    6. S3Alex
    7. Sandra
      Can you empty your inbox please alex
    8. g dawg
      g dawg
      Hi Alex can u read my reply cheers
    9. S3Alex
    10. AdamSansom
      Hi Alex,

      Could you delete a few messages please so I can send you a PM through?


    11. Stuwhipps
      Hi Alex,

      A quick question, i notice in your build thread that when you did your 4 wheel alignment you mentioned negative camber on the rear.

      I am running stock springs and suspension and standard 18" rims on my S3, i do however have 15" spacers on the rear and 10mm spacers on the front, i am having the 4 wheel laser alignment done at Elite on Saturday as i have a wheel wobble and originally they thought it was to do with balancing, so they balanced all 4 last week but the wobble (although reduced) is still there so they recommend the alignment being done.

      Question is i hear a lot of people refer to negative camber is this only for lowered cars or cars with larger wheels etc or is this something i need to get them to do ?

      Any advice would be appreciated
    12. KentKid
      Hi Alex, how are you?

      I remember you mentioning that you've also had Michelin PS3's on your S3 - but can you remember what tyre pressures you used?

      I've just had 4 new PS3's fitted, and I was using 42 psi front, and 33 psi rear - but I was told the figure for the fronts is way too high, and that I should drop it to between 33 and 36 psi for the fronts?

      I have a 3-door S3 on the standard 18" wheels, and it's usually just me in the car. With that in mind should I try something like 36 psi front and 33 psi rear?

      Thanks pal,

    13. S3Alex
      Will do!
    14. Ash B
      Ash B
      Alright fella, you couldnt delete some messages so i can message you please :) cheers
    15. S3Alex
      Very strange....burns or hot spots on the flywheel...presumably where slip has been occurring....I wonder if it's not perfectly flat>
    16. Old-Boy-Racer
      Car went back into mechanic this morning. He has found as follows:

      No contamination - or leaks from crankshaft or hydraulics
      Tiny amount of glazing to only a small part of friction material
      Friction/clutch disc was in the right way
      Self adjustment was even and OK
      Pressure plate bolted up evenly

      · SACHS Part Numbers
      · Flywheel - 2294 000 113 / correct but three equidistant burns/hot spots on surface and a lot of play (not rotational)
      · Pressure Plate - 883082 999788 / incorrect (3082000396) three burn marks/hot spots equidistant (matching flywheel)
      · Organic Clutch Disc - 881864 999502 / incorrect (1864999980)
      · Release Bearing - 3182 997 901 / ??? can't find any numbers on it so assume it is correct for now.

      Now waiting to hear from supplier.
    17. S3Alex
      I'm sending you a PM with some details.
    18. AJames
      Hello Alex,
      thank you for replying to my thread.
      Wanted to ask you if the 3071 is a straight forward replacement with its own manifold, or what is the job to install it?
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