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Jan 14, 2017 at 8:20 PM
Nov 23, 2008
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Jan 14, 2017 at 8:20 PM
    1. Roger Dixon
      Roger Dixon
      Hi, Just wondering if you cold help me with my RNS510. Need coding to make it work with the MFSW and MDI. I'm in Shrewsbury, can come to you pretty much anytime as I'm retired. How much would you charge me?


    2. Sangy
      Hi Mate,

      I seen on the forum that you have VCDS, would you by any chance be able to help with the install of newest maps. I ve been told thatI have 2009 maps which most likely cause some issues so would need to delete the old maps first before installing the new ones.

      I am in West Brom so could come see you.

      Thanks bud

    3. shropy95
      Hi mate just seen you in the vcds map I'm after an aux activated in my rns-e preferable today ! Let us know on here or drop us a text 07487831511 cheers !
      1. pns2007
        Sore for late reply only got e-mail today!!! Can certainly have a look at weekend if still interested. What car and year have you got
        Sep 11, 2015
    4. Ro55
      hi id like the mpg and other bits doing could you pm me please.im in bridgnorth :)
    5. Jimmybuckrogers
      Not to worry, I went to RC Motors this eve and they sorted it for me.

    6. Jimmybuckrogers
      Hi there, I've seen you have VCDS and don't live far from me, so I was wondering if you might be able to help code my steering ECU to activate the cruise control I have just fitted?

      I have a 2005 A3 and have managed to code the engine with VCDS-Lite and a 3rd party cable but that cable wont allow me to access the steering module.

      Many thanks

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