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Aug 29, 2015 at 9:31 AM
Jul 22, 2007
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Well-Known Member, from Yorkshire

Audi S3
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Aug 29, 2015 at 9:31 AM
    1. affy
      Hi, was wondering would you be able to reprogram my led facelift rear lights fitted to an a3 sportback 2006. Thanks
      1. -Ju-
        As long as it's a straight reprogram and all the hardware is in place then yes no worries pal
        Apr 4, 2015
      2. affy
        Yes all the hardware is in place just needs reprogramming...could you text me on 07708809959 as to when you could do it, price and address as need it doing ASAP. Thanks.
        Apr 6, 2015
    2. Jonny.BOY
      Hi pal. Im looking for some help with my 2007 1.9 tdi special edition. It doesn't show epg, miles to empty and outside temps on the DIS. As cheeky as it sounds would you be able to scan for these? Cheers pal.
    3. che turner
      che turner
      Gretings for Australia

      Hello 3.2 Ju

      I have the same 3.2 v6 audi as you. And have the same problem with the 2 flat spots between 1 & 2000 rpm and it's driving me crazy.

      How did you get your same situation solved. I have taken it to my mechanicsthey don't have a clue what it is.

      any advice would be much appreciated.

      1. -Ju-
        I don't have that car now but the problem was solved with a software update from Audi.
        There are a few threads now about the problem and the update required if you do a search
        Oct 30, 2014
      2. che turner
        che turner
        Thanks Julian

        I will check with them today.
        Oct 30, 2014
    4. rb1763
      Hi would it be possible for you to scan my car, I cant get it to start
      1. -Ju-
        Whereabouts are you?
        Oct 23, 2014
    5. Lcrboy
      Hi seen pics of your black a3 sportsback are the 19"?
    6. yooni7
      Hi Mate

      Just wondered if you could provide me with some vagcom assistance. I dont live too far from you and shouldnt take any longer than 5-10 minutes. I have tried PMing you but i dont think it will allow me to do it.

    7. Zorty
      Hi Mate where in yorkshire you from ??
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    S3 Sportback S-Tronic........Phantom Black APR'd , Milltek, KW clubsports, H&R anti roll bars, BBS CK2's, GFB DV+, APR Carbonio
    2010 R36 Saloon in Biscay Blue
    2008 Red S3
    2005 A3 3.2 quattro S-line Sportback dsg Avus silver
    2005 A3 3.2 quattro Sport Sportback dsg Black
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