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Jun 25, 2015
May 23, 2004
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Dec 2, 1982 (Age: 32)
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Solution Specialst (yada yada). Photographer. Serv

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Administrator, 32, from Preston

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Jun 25, 2015
    1. h5djr
      Hi Rob

      I'm sure you will remember me, although I think we parted on good terms when I was a Moderator.

      I currently have an 8P A3 Sportback and I am in the process of deciding on a new 8V A3. I am noe retired and spend a lot of my spare time looking in to the 8V forum. There is some debate on that forum about it being tidied up a bit, in particular in the 8V VCDS Mods thread. This is something I would be quite happy to do if I was given the necessary authority and hopefully with upsetting anyone. I promise not to make a think about the bad use of English which, certainly on 8V section does not seem to be a problem anyway. I have also been involved in contacting some members and agreeing a statement about the Warning about using VCDS through Sandra.

      Think about it and if I can I would be only to happy to help.


      Dave (h5djr)

      If you think that this would be a good idea
    2. skyinsurance
      Hi Rob, did you pick up my PM?

      Thank you
    3. jerseypaul
      Hi. Followed the link to purchase ASN window stickers. Paypal all happened fine - but no stickers yet. Been around a month now. ANy news? Cheers. Paul
    4. ModifiedTRUST
      Hey what does tolling mean?
    5. satans child
      satans child
      call me dude...
    6. satans child
      satans child
      oio oi tosser
    7. del-11
      hi all if any bodies interested you can get the replacement a4 a3 a6 lcd displays from a company called tektronics_co_uk they sell on ebay price £40 or they do a replacement service noticed a lot of people having problems with pixels breaking up.
    8. chin
      Hi all ,ive got a a3sport auto.the backlights have stopped working and the auto solonode lock doesnt work so the car is going no where.ive changed the brakepeddle switch and checked theme for voltage and alls good .does anyone know if it could be a relay fault or something
    9. garysnaith
      Have got a 2001 A4 Tdi, Got a problem. when i reverse the car in full lock then move forward getting a loud knock in the footwell, Only happens when i go forward from reverse, garage has looked at it and said the cv joint, drive shaft are cool as is the steering rack, my mate has suggested the anti roll drop link.
      Anyone having or had the same problem.
      Cheers Gaz.
    10. Noodles S4
      Noodles S4
      Hi,i believe i recieved a welcome message off yourself when i joined earlier.I would like to post some photos of my car as i have been asked to.However being computer illiterate,not had one long, i would like to be able to do it the same way you can choose an avatar picture(it comes up browse and i can just upload one from my picture folder).However it doesn't seem to allow that feature for uploading photos to go with messages.Am i able to do it that way?.It is the only way i know how at present.Excuse the stupidlty.Regards John.
    11. Markymark79
      I've just bought a a4 cab 1.8t on 05 plate and tried takin roof down and it stopped completely after a couple of seconds, I went thru the manual and manually folded roof away and then closed and im getting roof not secure warning light even tho roof totally secured down. Also the boot wont open manually i have ta use the key. Tried to use button for the roof this morning and it's won't work at all, can anyone help? Can this problem be easily fixed?
    12. swiper1962
      Hi, I am a newbie to the site. Ihave just purchased a 2004 a3 V6 and was wondering how I can place an ad in the parts wanted section as when I tried it would not let me. Thanks in advance Dave.
    13. filipek
      hi mate am after getting in touch with someone in manchster area with vagcom. do you have this option, did a search and came up with yourself. cheers in advance
    14. s3dave
      Hi there
    15. JGcars
      Hi im looking to advertise some Audi Badges on here how do i do it without getting the advert removed? i seen i can do it in classifeids and pay a fee per item sold but when i tried to uipload my badges it wouldn't let me for some reason.
    16. towcestervag
      hope i can be of help to fellow members
    17. 8P A3
      8P A3
      Hi, am new to this forum. I was wandering if anyOne knows if you can adapt the dash pod on a 8p A3 so that the speedo and rev counter do a self test everytime you switch the ignition on. Like what the 8p S3 and mark 2 TT do. I have a 06 plate 2.0TFSI A3. Thanks.
    18. palexr
    19. speedyclare
    20. S3Alex
      Hi.....sorry to keep on.

      Is it OK to post pics of the turbo build I'm having done,or would you prefer not?

      Thanks very much,

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    Dec 2, 1982 (Age: 32)
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    Solution Specialst (yada yada). Photographer. Serv
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