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Aug 13, 2009
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September 25
Muswell Hill, London
Company Director - vagcarcoding.com

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All things VCDS & VCP!, Male, from Muswell Hill, London

Team Glacier Section Mod VCDS Map User Gold Supporter

Working through my InBox. Oct 25, 2016 at 1:11 PM

    1. DJAlix
      Working through my InBox.
    2. john moore
      john moore
      Hi djalix i have a 2015 rs3 and have bought the new lights 2016/17 do you sell the adapters that i need or the loom ?
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      2. DJAlix
        Oct 25, 2016 at 2:20 PM
      3. john moore
        john moore
        alix sorry for beaning a pest but do you have a link for ebay with the Adapter/ Modules
        Oct 25, 2016 at 2:30 PM
      4. DJAlix
    3. DJAlix
    4. shaunt2016
      Djalix i need some help im having same problem with my audi a3 3.2 v6 juddering i need the ecu update plz if u could help me out i have got someone that can do it if u could tell me wot ive got to do if u could ring me on this number i would be very gratfull 07751048217 thanks
      1. DJAlix
        Hi Shaunt2016,

        In order to complete the needed update, the person who you say can do it will need access to the Audi Network in order to download the correct update for your ECU and then apply it via their flashing application. They should be aware of what's needed.
        Sep 30, 2016
    5. quattro4sprung
      Ahoy mate.
      Looks like you are the most recent guardian angel with regards to the 3.2 A3 software issue.
      I desperately am in need of help- the only challenge is that I'm in the southern hemisphere ;)

      Could you perhaps help with the .bin file for the correct software version?

      Thanks in advance.
    6. DanBastow
      i saw your post about the K1S dash cam unit and I'm now looking at getting one but I've read a lot of bad reviews online about them in the long run. i was wondering if you've had any problems with yours?
      1. DJAlix likes this.
      2. DJAlix

        The only issue I have really had was with the battery. My camera was running 24/7 and the battery would get hot and eventually swelled up. It would also not act as a "float" during the Start/Stop engine crank. Changed it out for a GoPro Hero 2 battery and has been good since. Needs a fast memory card also, very fast! I am using a 128gb Lexar 633x.

        Hope this helps!
        Aug 28, 2016
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      3. DanBastow
        Thanks that helps. When I have enough to insure it I'll get that unit
        Aug 30, 2016
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    7. DJAlix
    8. Kieran Johnson
      Kieran Johnson
      Hi mate, would it be possible to use your Vcds please? Of course il pay and come to you?
      1. DJAlix
        Hey! Sent you a pm last week but thought to reply here also. More then welcome to pop over :)
        Aug 16, 2016
      2. Kieran Johnson
        Kieran Johnson
        Hey sorry man I'm new and the forum wouldn't let me reply. Don't need coding at the moment now but when I do il give you a message, cheers
        Sep 8, 2016
        DJAlix likes this.
    9. Maffers
      Thanks DJAlix, I really appreciate you seeing me at short notice before you went away. I've done a few hundred miles in the A3 since you updated my ECU software and as well as the dramatic improvement in running I think it has improved MPG a fraction too. Thanks very much for the other tips and advice you gave me whilst the software updated. Such good value I almost can't believe it.
      1. DJAlix likes this.
      2. DJAlix
        Hey fella! Great stuff and you are more then welcome :)
        Jul 21, 2016
    10. DJAlix
      Currently on vacation with intermittent Internet access.
    11. Marchal
      thank you for the answer
      I haven that 29 byte
      I then add the 30 byte without problems ?
      1. DJAlix likes this.
      2. DJAlix
        To be honest I am not sure as I have never had a car with 29bytes visit me for any works.

        As long as you backup your original long coding you should be able to revert. I would try adding byte 30 first and if it is accepted change 28 and 29.

        I have a 63 plate 8V with 30 bytes and byte 30 was 08 from the factory. My car has S-Tronic.
        Jun 28, 2016
    12. aymensallam
      Hey DjAlix, Please check your inbox
    13. DJAlix
      VCDS Coding :)
    14. NL316
      Hi DJAlix, Can you help with fault codes scan/clear as well as activating needle sweep and a couple other bits on my B8? I’m based in North London so pretty easy to meet. Many thanks
    15. DJAlix
      Currently in Lamia, Greece - with VCDS and VCP :)
    16. DJAlix
      Will be visiting Lamia, Greece with both VCDS and VCP from 28th April :)
    17. DJAlix
      Working on new VCDS and VCP adaptation goodness :)
    18. domthedon
      Hello, for some reason I can't private message you.

      Did you have any idea on how to get the automatic time syncing working on a retrofitted MMI 3g+ in an A5?

      I assume it is just some coding?

      Any help would be great.

      1. DJAlix
        Hey there! The forum moderators are currently reconfiguring / testing my account so PM's might not be working for me. As posted on the VCDS thread, I am doing some digging on this one. Will let you know what I find.
        Dec 18, 2015
    19. DJAlix
      Will be in Greece (Lamia) over the Christmas period if anyone is in need of VCDS / VCP Adaptations and Coding :)
    20. DJAlix
      Working through my VCDS inbox...
    21. DJAlix
      Control Module Security Access Code Mapping!
      afternoon, i have just brought a audi a3 sportsback and has the face lift front and rear lights , would you be able to code the lights ? im based not far from you .07867307493
    23. DJAlix
      Now with added Vag Can Professional!
    24. DickiePhitt
      As I'm a bit of a VCDS virgin can you advise exactly what I need to get for you/ where to locate?
    25. DJAlix
      Updating VCDS document...
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    September 25
    Muswell Hill, London
    Company Director - vagcarcoding.com
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    Wrapped Gloss Black Roof + S3 Lip Spoiler, Mirror Link + VIM and lots of VCDS Coding
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    Able to perform VCDS and Vag Can Professional Adaptations, Coding & Diagnostic works in the North London and surrounding areas, including Control Module Flashing and MQB Video in Motion!


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    Current: Audi A3 8V 1.8TFSI S-Tronic S-Line Saloon MY14
    On Order: Audi A3 8V 2.0TFSI S-Tronic Quattro Black Edition Saloon MY17 - BW46 - ETA Late December
    Ibis White, 19" 5 Arm Wing Alloys, Mag Ride, Matrix Lights, Pano Roof, Parking System Plus, Virtual Cockpit, Comfort and Sound Pack, Folding Dimming Mirrors, Rear Camera, TechPack Advanced, Extended Interior Pack.

    :books: A3, S3 & RS3 8V VCDS Coding Document :books:
    Genuine VCDS and VCP (VIM + Flash) - North London - vagcarcoding.com