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Apr 21, 2016
Nov 22, 2008
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Apr 21, 2016
    1. CarrG
      Barry mentioned seat base cover replacement but I'm in two minds, I've managed to remove 95% of the stain/s.

      Under the circumstance some goodwill from the said dealer instead of Mr Sheen wipes wouldnt have gone a miss...
    2. MjAudi
      Well another customer sent me a link to some mentions all good apart from one which he felt was unfair so here I am and problem solved.

      What do we need to do to solve the seat issue?
    3. MjAudi
      Just wanted to send you a message to firstly say I've joined this site to try and help with all of the users issues, also because I know I'm mentioned on here a lot! Only fair I get to respond:-)

      has you seat been sorted now?

      Martyn Bath Audi
    4. 45bvtc
      I'm seriously angered by what the've done to your car... I mean, it could have been mine...

      So, I've written to Stafford Audi today to: (a) compliment them, but (b) to highlight your problems, and (c) copied Craig Westwood at Audi UK as I think the overall Audi service is ****!

      And Audi UK need telling again and again and again and again until they get the message!

      Some dealerships, however, are good - it's finding 'em.

      I feel for you...

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