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Audi Toby!
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Jul 12, 2014
Jun 13, 2013
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Audi Toby!

B8 A4 S-Line, from Norwich, Norfolk, UK

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Jul 12, 2014
    1. GavJ
      Hi Toby,
      I was just wondering if you would be able to scan my 2003 A3 TDI? I just changed the throttle valve and wanted to check that it was ok and also my anti-skid light is on for some reason. I'm also up Norwich way,
    2. ollie2013uk
      Hello mate, any chance you could scan for an airbag fault? I'm out near poringland?
    3. hubbo1
      hi toby

      any chance you could clear the eml light? a4 b7 tdi.
      I cleaned the turbo and a few other bits and now the light is on, no issues with running etc.
      im in Yarmouth so no problem getting to you 07543 476928
    4. Leriboy69
      Hello Toby,

      I live in Norwich NR3.

      I have read your post relating to VAGCOM.

      I would like to know if I can pay you to check over my 2004 Golf mk5 1.6 FSI??

      I am having an idle control problem. Its sometime takes a few cranks to start when cold, once warm it struggles with ideling and have to keep my foot slightly on the accelerator for a perfect idel.

      The car revs nicley and pulls through the gears. I have checked all vaccum pipes for leaks, cleaned map sensor ect There is no check light light on and gave it a scan which was negitive.

      I think the throttle body needs alignment, reseting or certain componets needs tesing like the coolant sensor which I think is a common problem on vw's.

      Let me know if you can do this and would like to help me.

      I will pay you for your time

      My number is 07708187076

      Thank you,

    5. CA51HAM
      Hi Toby,

      I hope you don't mind me contacting you. Sandra on here has pointed me in your direction as you're in the Norwich area with a VCDS diagnostic system??

      I've had some major issue fitting a Diesel UK tuning box today and my car is now knackered, not starting on the original factory settings (D-UK part removed) and bringing up errors. The car is currently stuck in an underground car par where I live near the football ground.

      Would you be able to give any assistance over the weekend? Sorry I know it's a bank holiday

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    2009 (B8/8K) A4 S-Line - 2.0TDI (CAGA) 143PS.

    Monza Silver, Special Line, Full Milano Leather, Sport Suspension (1BE), AMI + Bluetooth/Voice Prep, Heated Seats, Bang & Olufsen (Upgraded/Improved), Audi Titanium Grey Wheel Refurb, Team HEKO Wind Deflectors, VCDS'ed, Ambiance Lighting Retrofit, Cruise Control Retrofit, (ADS) Audi Drive Select Retrofit.
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