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audi a3 2.0TDI 2004
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Nov 28, 2009
Nov 27, 2009
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audi a3 2.0TDI 2004

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audi a3 2.0TDI 2004 was last seen:
Nov 28, 2009
    1. C39KER
      Hi Mate

      Can you help me please.

      I live in NW London and have had the above code errors after fitting a new steering rack my car is 2008 and I put a 2011one on.

      Can I reset the ABS or tell it that I have the newer steering rack?

      If so could I come you meet you to sort out this problem?
    2. johnsmith0774
      hi, how much would you charge to reset the variable service indicators on my ausi a3 '59 8P?
    3. pbi
      Hello mate I was wondering if you would be kind enough and some free time to help me and have a quick look and do a VAGCOM scan to my car. I`m going away with the car this Friday and if someone can help with scan today or tomorrow evening will be perfect. Car is audi a6 3.0tdi quattro 2006, no mods/remaps done. There is no engine lights or what ever on the dash showing a problem. The car is bad on fuel and some times feels like is under power. I want to see what the scan will show up before I start changing MAF,MAP and etc. I believe that is possible this kind of sensors to be check with vag that they operate in the way they should? Thank you.
    4. Field
      Hi there,

      I saw your name on the VCDS users map and was wondering if you might be able to help.

      I have a 1998 A3 1.8T sport and am experiencing some problems intermittently with the car juddering and losing power.

      Is there any chance that you'd be able to help and run a scan for me?

      I'm more than happy to slip you some cash for the priveledge if that helps!

      I live in North London so am available to pop down anytime really.

      Any help would be great as this thing is driving me mad!

      Cheers, Mark
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