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Ash B
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Oct 28, 2014
Jul 19, 2008
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Mind your business

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Ash B

Well-Known Member, from Cardiff

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Oct 28, 2014
    1. Aamir
      Hi mate, was wondering if you know where I can get a honeycomb grille for my a3 2.0tdi sline 170. Car manufactured July 2008, one slit on the fog lights. Still not 100% sure whether its an 8P2 or 8P3. How much should I pay for this, and should I also get honeycomb effect on the fog light openings? Cheers.
    2. vaidas
      suppp, hey mate seen your audi pictures was wondering where did u get those awesome grills? coz I want to get them too ;?
    3. liquids3
      Alright ash,we are having an asn meet at avonmeads bristol at 7.30 wednesday,be good if you could pop along.
    4. BaDD Boi S3
      BaDD Boi S3
      howdy AshB, your car is looking fantastic indeed!!

      is your rs3 grill a standard one and a straight fit or is this an aftermaket one from a tuning company?

      thank you in advance!

      I would love to be the first guy in South Africa to have this mod :)
    5. AARON77
      How you doing ash how's the car going dude
      You fancy some strip action at gti festival it's in 2weeks time
    6. Lings
      Clear some room in your messages mate
    7. andyam
      hello mate is that a full headlight unit you have for sale? which side is it? any pics? Thanks
    8. AARON77
      hello mate how you been how do you get the msg at the bottom of your page wen you post a reply cant work it for love nor money
    9. slade777
      Hi Ash,
      Had some ok prices for the vinyl just wanted to know how yours is on the **** weather? Wasn't sure about getting it done with all the snow.

      Cheers mate
    10. S3RYE
      1980flyingdutchman - eBay user with oem xenons

    11. mike1628
      Hi Ash

      How are you mate, i cant go on this occasion and im gutted but im working all weekend to pay of the bill, i have a lot o weekends to put in because i still want a flat botton steering wheel:w00t:

      Do you think they will work with a 2004 car mate have you got one they are like 500 quid on fleebay its alot o money for a mod

      Goodluck at the show Ash and as always pics of the beast have a good one

    12. CHRIS555
      Hi mate, hope your well. May I ask? How did you tint the headlamps?

      Many thanks in advance and best wishes

    13. smudge_don
      Best off chatting to NHN mate, it's a LOT of work
    14. mike1628
      http://thumbs2.ebaystatic.com/m/mdMbIma9ddKJkEryAkErApA/96.jpgPHILIPS XTREME POWER

      Hi Mate
      Ive bought 4 of these mate i was going to get the PIAA bulbs but it turns out they are illegal (only for show use) and they are bright enough for what i need.

      Hope your well mate and the car is looking good sorry for not getting back to you sooner Ash the only pics i have is from you at the show mate lol
    15. Azizur_Rahman
      Hi mate, just mailing again, wondering whether you are going to sell or not? I would rather you give me a stragith answer than keep me waiting as i need a car as soon as possible, and dont want to purchase one at the last minute without any research.
    16. 10blazin
      im ok hows you , im good just chilling with the fam , i got an passat estate now , look at yours ??
    17. mac1403
      Hi Ash,

      Won't be able to go to ADI this year cause i have a new job which means working weekends. Am off on holiday tomorrow, but will try and catch up when I get back. Maybe see if we can get a mini meet sorted.

      Speak soon

    18. tazmalik
      orite mate.. lovin the kit on ure motor, n the grill! looking for something similar, u get the sline kit with it?

      any chance u could send me some pics mate?
    19. akash_sky1
      hi mate cheers for the comments. give us your email and ill send some pics over..
      ps whats yours 350 bhp destiny about?
      ( was going to PM you but you your inbox is full)
    20. Ash B
      Ash B
      Hi mate

      Just got your message aswell. I've sent you some photos over any more questions just write on here or pm me.

    21. mcconnot
      Hi mate,
      Just looking at the s3 alloys on your car. Im buying a set myself. Is your car lowered at all? Are they 18" alloys? Do you have any other photos of the car from other angles?

      Sorry bout all the questions!!!!

      Cheers mate.
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