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Mar 21, 2017
Jun 30, 2010
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Member, from Just north of Durham

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Mar 21, 2017
    1. Alan Mowat
      Alan Mowat
      Hi I have an audi a4 b8 TFSI 1.8 I have rear parking sensors but no graphic on my screen.I believe this can be activated. I was wondering if anyone could do this for me I'm in whitburn/Sunderland area
    2. Eyeball74
      Hi there. I am after some help please if possible. I am having to fit a new flap positioning motor to the heating system in my Audi a4 and have been told I need to have the adaptation done so it knows when it is open and closed. Would you be able to do this? Could you let me know please. Cheers. 07738458255
    3. tanjawi
      hello need your number please to talk 07826681683
    4. Ianonortheast
      Hi ahem, can you carry out some VCDS mods on my cars at all?
    5. elbeeuk
      Hi there,
      Do you still have the vagcom? I've got a seat altea that keeps kicking into limp mode whenever kicking the turbo in at 50-60mph(ish). Our mechanic has had a look and thinks it could be either just the turbo feeder pipe or the whole turbo unit. I need a second opinion on a fault code as our mechanic just has a generic fault reader. Do you reckon you'd be able to do it? How much would you want?

      PS - I'm in Newcastle (nr Gosforth)
      Cheers in advance
    6. mouldb
      Hi Aham,
      I am in need of help with my 2007 Golf GT TDI 170 Mk5 (Warning light & airbag light re-set. Do you have VAG COM equipment to hand? I live in garden farm estate in Chester-le-Street & can pop by when it is convenient for you. Where are you based?
      My Number is 01913400317


    7. Davidson4301
      Hi mate,
      i'm new to all this but i was wondering if you still have the VCDS / Vagcom?
      I have 3 warning lights on my dash. Airbag , Brakepad wear indicator, and an Engine management i think. The brake pad light is because the previous owner has cut the cable but this only comes on intermittantly, the airbag light has come on since i removed my stereo ( I have renewed the dash sensor but to no avail) and the engine light has came on since i let my friend try out his new code reader. It came up as low current through the MAF sensor. I have renewed Maf sensor (£40) and changed the air filter but again no joy.

      Would you be able to code these out/remove for me as they are driving me mad !lol. I have had them reset but they have came back on. If so, how much would it be.? I live in Newcastle so can travel up no problem

      Really sorry for the extra long message. Its a VW golf 1.9tdi mk 5.

      Thanks in advance mate
    8. Colin Allroad TDi
      Colin Allroad TDi
      Hi....I'm Colin, I have an Allroad 2.5 TDi and I'm in Chester le Street. I would like the 402 suspension mod carried out on my car so that it can be lowered around 20mm. Can you do this for me? Cheers. Colin.
    9. Andydos
      Hello, I got your details through the Vag com map. I was wondering if you would be able to do a diagnostic on my 2001 Audi A3 1.8T and how much you would charge? I live in Jesmond and will drive to your end if it helps.
      Many thanks, Andrew
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