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Dec 12, 2017 at 11:56 AM
Apr 7, 2010
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April 6
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Andrew - Diesel Tuning UK, Male, from DTUK -HQ

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Engaged in conversation, Dec 12, 2017 at 11:56 AM
    1. Alan bridges
      Alan bridges
      Hi I've fitted a used dtuk box and I've loads of lights on the dash. Traction light esc light engine management light
    2. JoVanZ
      Hi Andrew, I am looking to order the "Audi Q5 2.0 TDI 168 Bhp / 170 PS / 125 KW CRTD2® TWIN Channel Diesel Tuning Box Chip" for delivery to Cape Town, South Africa. Please can you share the discount code with me so that I can get it a little cheaper?
    3. Gavin0478
      Hi Andrew, just a quick one, do you do a box for the C6 RS6 (V10) as its not listed on your website and a friend was looking at tuning options. Cheers
    4. david7m
      Hi mate. Does the MK7 GR DTUK fit the 8v S3 without any changes to maps etc.? Cheers, Dave
    5. Dan Rae
      Dan Rae

      What can you offer me for my 2015 Audi a3 184 quattro diesel?


    6. Demari46
      Hi Andrew, been told your the guy to speak to about getting a DTUK tuning box?
      Do you have a contact number? Hope you can do me a good deal. Thanks regards Josh
    7. Blackstud
      Hi Andy

      I bought a DTUK CRD-t plus from a fellow member Collins, he said you exchanges it for a brand new unit after doing some testing for you. When l received it there were no instructions or manual on the unit in the box any chance you could stick one in the post quite happy to pay?

      Many thanks

      1. ABYSS
        Hi Bryan, sorry i never check these messages...there is an online manual for the module at www.dtuk.biz if you drop me an email on andrew at diesel chip.co.uk ill send you the instructions
        Nov 18, 2015
    8. Blackstud
      Hi Andrew can you help I bought a Brand New box CRD-T from Colin a fellow member a couple of days ago aparrentley he got it given by you brand new as a replacement. Anyway there were no instructions in the box could you show me a picture of where the plugs go please l have the A5 2015 2.0TDI 177 engine.
    9. EddieRS3
      How do you feel about selling me a DTUK box for £360 and I'll buy it now ! 65 plate S5!
    10. martin1984
      Hi i have a 2tdi a4 b7 avant and have had a look t a dtuk box and was told to speak to you about this so any ifon you can give would be great i.e what i can expect to fiting and cost thanks
    11. daragh26
      Hi Abyss, I'm about to but an audi a6 2012 tdi with 177bhp, it has a multitroniic gearbox and was looking to see if your box was able to be fitted on the car without any adverse effect on the transmission. If you could let me know along with costs it would be appreciated. Regards
      1. ABYSS
        hi I've just seen this message, are you still looking to tune your audi a6?
        Jun 8, 2015
    12. h1r4
      Hi abyss ,

      I want to get a dtuk box for my 1.6tdI 105ps 8v , could I have your email or number to contact you on?
      1. ABYSS
        I've just seen this message, are you still looking to tune your 1.6 ti?
        Jun 8, 2015
    13. vanmiester
      Hi there,

      I am looking to get a tuning box and/or pedal box for my a3 1.6 TDI. It is the new shape A3 but from 2013. Please advise on your best price.

      Many thanks.
      1. syed123 likes this.
    14. Scotty2011
      Hi there,

      Im pretty keen on having the DTUK box on my S3, The results look impressive. Im a little concerned about the warranty on the car though, can you tell me the ins and outs on that please?


    15. juddster
      Hi Andrew,
      I started a thread some 2 weeks ago about a tuning box for the new 1.4 COD 8V and you offered a significant discount. Tried to take you up on the offer but had no reply. Have since seen the offer has been taken by another guy who jumped on my original thread so obviously lost out. I have since seen his review and after initial teething issues appears he is happy.

      What could you now offer as discount on the same tuning box please.
    16. juddster
      Hi Andrew,
      I would like to take you up on the offer for a discounted tuning box for my Audi A3 1.4 COD (140) if still available.
      I am unfortunately not local to you, live in Norfolk, but am willing to provide feedback etc.
      I assume its a simple plug-in job?
    17. cavin123
      Hi Andrew

      I have recently purchased a A6 Avant C6 2011, Sline 2.0tdi 170, manual, i am interested in one of your performance tuning boxes, as the performance is a little flat in the higher gears and will be using occasionally for towing, am interested in the CRD2+, please can you let me know if you offer audi-sport member discounts, and if so how much would this unit be.

      Kindest regards

    18. Administrators
      Hi Andrew

      If you are doing offers you can always send me 230 x 600 banners and I'll add them to the home page.

      Many thanks

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