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  1. LostUlsterman
    LostUlsterman t8ups
    Is it possible for you to get in touch with me please. I’m after some work and advice on setup for 57 plate A4 cabrio. Wanting to upgrade interior lighting, instal puddle lights and drl, and completely overhaul the halogen headlights.
    1. t8ups
      Hi. Can you email sales@emtuning.co.uk please and we can take it from there. :)

      Feb 21, 2018 at 8:35 AM
  2. darrenvalleys12
    My Son is a lucky guy just bought a a3 sline a very nice car
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  3. jasminder singh
    jasminder singh Ballantin
    Wanted to know if u can do a VCDS diagnostic scan for and how much u would charge? and if u would come to me or if i would have to come to u?
  4. MTLDrew
  5. Rob-Quattro
    Rob-Quattro DPM
    Hi Damian, do you still sell a short shifter for the 2007 A3 8P 2.0TDI? Thanks
    1. DPM
      Afternoon, the Forge Motorsport one? - £94.65 inc. VAT and delivery.
      Feb 20, 2018 at 12:26 PM
    2. Rob-Quattro
      Yes that's the one. Do you have a link for it? I tried to search it on your website but it didn't come up. Thanks
      Feb 20, 2018 at 1:57 PM
    3. DPM
      Unfortunately we don't have it listed on our website at the moment.
      Feb 20, 2018 at 4:26 PM
  6. meph137
    meph137 t8ups
    Hey mate - tried using tapatalk chat and also e-mailing but not heard back, are you about? I want to get my hands on an interior LED kit for my B8 S4, and need some advice on fog lights and also xenons. Cheers!
    1. t8ups
      Hi Bud. Whats your email address and I will send you an email. I only have tap talk on my ipad which I don't really go on as I'm always at work, I was away this weekend and have only just got back. Where did you email me on?

      Feb 20, 2018 at 9:34 AM
  7. jasminder singh
    jasminder singh simfin

    I wanted to know how much you would charge to do a VCDS scan?
    Also if ur still local to Bedford?
  8. Wayne_Iow
    Yes a noob
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    2. Sandra
      Feb 18, 2018 at 3:52 PM
  9. Grovey
    Grovey A5craig
    Hi Craig I'm from only down the road in Wigan just wondering if you could help me using your vcds to enable rear reversing image on my mmi I'm only getting the beeps at the moment I've a q3 2013 me any thanks Wayne
  10. Grovey
    Grovey AlexGSi2000
    Hi Alex just asking would you be willing to help a newbie using your vcds on enabling my reversing picture of the car on my mmi I am only getting the bleeps at the moment ? I am in Wigan but willing to drive over if you could help? Cheers
  11. Liam Moore
    Liam Moore Dippy
    Hello mate. What would you compare the stage 2 performance too?
    Had a play with any other cars?
    Also did you get any other supporting mods other than the Usual stage 2 kit?
  12. Starry
  13. ShaunL
    ShaunL C2 DTN
    Hi, do you still offer VCDS scanning? I need to find out soot levels in dpf to determine if I can do a forced re gen or if it’s going to be a new DPF. The fault code is P2002 after I’ve already changed the exhaust pressure sensor and now DPF light has come on.

    Best regards

  14. sjbarneS3
    Enhanced TTS owner
  15. JonnyS3
    JonnyS3 deanosabby
    Picked up an S3 recently and would be interested in some of the more common VCDS ‘mods’ / tweaks - Bleep on lock, parking sensors coming up on the screen to name a few.
    I’m central in Edinburgh if you are still around and willing to help for some beer tokens ££

    Let me know.
  16. Bing0r
    RS4 B9 - On Order - Expected May 18.
  17. craig20102010
  18. Yush
    Looking for mod ideas and tips!
  19. sprento
    sprento ch1z64
    Alrite mate, you still got those rear springs and what car are they for ?
  20. jtraxler1981
    jtraxler1981 RobinA3
    How do I go about getting your foot weel kit and door puddle kit for the 2006 a3
  21. AaronJacob
    AaronJacob rhinopower
    Hello I see you’re quite local to me, I was wondering if you could help to change the settings on dvd player so it will play when moving? Cheers Aaron
  22. S3 Johnny
    S3 Johnny Spinstorm
    Hi mate.
    I'm not 100% sure what your offering? Plus what sort if money are you asking?
    Sorry for the lack of understanding
    Cheers John
  23. Super Nintendo Chalmers
  24. Super Nintendo Chalmers
  25. S333BS
    S333BS t8ups
    Hi mate seen you have posts on here regarding a3 interior light pack
    I have a 2009 a3 8p 3door facelift model
    Was wondering how much for interior leds and number plate ones

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    2. t8ups
      Hi. My interior ones are the perfect brightness, just brighter than what you have in there so no beamed out of space look like the ebay kits. that's £29 and you get the front and rear dome lights, sunvisors and boot and glove box. The plate light kit is £19 and you get leds, new screws and a canceller loom.

      For the headlights, you have the OEM Xenons?

      Feb 20, 2018 at 9:31 AM
    3. S333BS
      Hi turps
      Is there any way I can inbox private
      That's great I'm interested in the interior set, just ordered some number plate leds off eBay hopefully there okay

      And yes I have the oem xenons with the drl strip in built at the top I believe
      That's my annoyance one of the led drl strip is slightly purple ones more white
      Want to change eventually and also upgrade fogs to match and make the lights all one colour
      Feb 20, 2018 at 12:30 PM
    4. t8ups

      you can email me on sales@emtuning.co.uk.

      For the headlights, its more than likely that 1 has been changed meaning they are now miss matched.

      Feb 20, 2018 at 1:22 PM
  26. nevpr
    A6 Avant 2.0 Tdi Ultra S-line, S-Tronic, SuperChips Bluefin (228 BHP @4047 rpm, 450Nm @2415 rpm)
  27. Laudi65
    Laudi65 processpaul
    Hi Paul. I'm in Brighton too and I wondered if you could help me to turn on the hidden green service menu as I want to uprage my firmware and nav maps in my 2009 A6 but I can't do that without access to the green menu? I believe it's fairly easy to turn on with VCDS. Be happy to pay you for your time. All the best. Rob
  28. Slim_Charles.
    Hey guys, firstly would like to say how much i've picked up from this site and always like to know more about my S3
  29. highlanderian
    highlanderian Gazwould
    Gaz, what do you mean?
    1. Gazwould
      Each Eibach spring has a number .
      Feb 6, 2018
  30. Shkelzen
    Shkelzen scoTTy
    Hello, do you still have the brochures of the options list on a 2009 A4, if so please send them my way at rrahmanishkelzen@gmail.com
  31. s4mu3l
    Getting into the Audi 8P3 Ownership.
  32. AL AVANT A4 B7
    AL AVANT A4 B7
    Old account merged now!! Awesome, Thx Sandra! :-)
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  33. Mikemc93
    Mikemc93 tolse7
    Hi there ,

    I may be interested in the a4 avant you have for sale.

    Could you shoot me some pics ? 00353861249179

    Also , where are you based roughly ?


  34. GD2017
    GD2017 Harvey Atkinson
    Hello mate! Where did you get your RS style front grille from? Greg
  35. Sam Axon
    Sam Axon
    S3 8P - Scorpion Cat Back Exhaust FOR SALE
  36. Sandra
    Sandra CJTaylor
    Welcome to audi-sport.net
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  37. jamesv6tdi
    205k and still going!
  38. AL AVANT A4 B7
    AL AVANT A4 B7
    Been here a few months now, just totally forgotten my old Username and Password as it was auto saved on PC now lost!. :-/
  39. Audidave69
    Audidave69 DJAlix
    would you be able to code new indicator stalks with lane assist button to 2017 Audi A5
    Thanks dave
    1. DJAlix
      Hi there,

      Please give me a call on 07950 737 899. Need to understand what it is you are trying to achieve by changing the stalks.
      Feb 1, 2018
  40. MickMiles
    MickMiles TF_Si
    I have now managed to post the compatable vehicle list on my listing.