Hello people. Drinks all round.

I have ordered a new A3, the (presently) cheap and 'ecological' one ... a 1.9TDIE Sport in Brilliant Black. I have had a number of Auto-Union cars in the past, including two NSU Ro80s - which were about the same power as the little Audi but seriously more beautiful.

I know that the 1.9 is thought a bit of a dog by the cognoscenti on this board, but it was a good price with scrappage on my ancient, inherited Fiesta. This is my first diesel and I am looking forward to a little clattering and wheezing. It's an authenticity thing.

I am considering remapping after the first service, up a few horsepower and a bit of torque. Nothing to trouble the clutch too much (does the 1.9 have the same clutch as the 2.0? I guess so ...). I haven't seen any generic maps offered for the common rail 1.9 yet, and I am aware that there may be limitations owing to the DPF, so this is just something I am considering. I am also wondering if a remap would affect the CO2 rating and the Road Tax banding ...

Meanwhile, the Fiesta driver's door doesn't always close, but at least I can solve that with fiddling and some WD40 - soon I shall have to worry about getting VAG-COM and re-programming just to empty the ashtray.

By the way, the other cars I was considering were a Rover P5, a Bristol and a Citroen 2cv. Obviously the Bristol was a fantasy ...