How do all,

Basically I've come on here to generate some interest in some RS6 final edition wheels, I'm not an Audi owner but a golf owner, same blood just different breeding lol.

Anyway being as though theres probably a post number before you have access to the area I thought I'd put them up on here so people can see. I'm not trying to waste peoples time here just help a neighbor.

Anyway heres the post from the site.

Many thanks, Luke

"How do all,

Selling these for the neighbor off of the street, basically they have brought a new A4 convertible final edition which comes standard with the anthracite RS6 wheels, basically they had a black car and thought that they looked pretty crap on it and brought the sliver versions. All boxed up and a set of 4 without a scuff on.

ET is 8Jx18H2 ET43,

I believe according to them that the retail price through Audi is around 1900 and they are after 1500 to at least recover some of their losses.

If anyone is interested or knows anyone that may be interested, please give me a shout on here or on 07817966281

Please feel free to circulate.

Many thanks,


Hopefully the mods wont remove it as I've only got genuine intentions.