Hi all, just a quick hello from a newbie to the forum. I needed a little more comfort in my daily driver so last month a bought a 2006 A3 2.0T. I must say I really love it :o)

It's got a fair bit of kit of which I assume some are factory options, its got dual climate, BOSE sound system, armrest, cruise control and bluetooth (but strangely no buttons on the steering wheel and a cradle on the dash - strange way to do it).

I love the comfort, and the effortless turbo power delivery, its quite heavy so not quite a b road hero, but I love it all the same, economy also seems quite good.

Anyway, a photo:

My first forum question is about a power upgrade, I spoke to a tuning specialist and he said for £299 he would get it on the rolling road and map it to give circa 240 bhp/ 350nm, realising I've not searched yet, are there any downsides to an upgrade such as this?