Hi everyone my name's Josh and I have an 2002 S3 225. Really enjoying it so far as only owned it a couple of months. Just ordered some FK adjustable coilovers which claim a drop of 30mm-100mm. I was thinking a safe drop of around 30-35mm as I heard if you go too low you can hit the oil or fuel sump?? So I was wondering how low you can safely go? I'm currently on 17" standard wheels. Also, if I were to say I wanted to see somewhere in the region of 280-300BHP on standard internals is this feasible? Obviously a sports exhaust and remap would set me on the way? I'm near APD in poole Vag specialists anyone had any experience with them? Any help and welcomes would be appreciated!

Pics below standard so far except for pressed metal german look plates and a Flat Eric on the Dashboard.